Shannon Leifer

Hello Mountain Song, my name is Shannon Leifer and I am a homemaker/home school mother of 3 beautiful children.  My husband and I have lived in Colorado for 14 years. In the early years of our marriage we lived in the mountain valley of Vail, CO where I was a licensed Montessori pre-school teacher.  When our children came of school age we decided to keep them home and it was at this time I stepped into a Waldorf kindergarten classroom.  I emerged myself into the Waldorf pedagogy, reading books by Steiner and attending Waldorf At-Home workshops at the Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, CO and the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, CA.  I also helped organize a small Waldorf co-op where families with young children came together once a week to share circle time, stories, handwork and play. We were fortunate enough to have the Roaring Fork Waldorf School in Carbondale close to share in their festivals and parent-child classes. We moved to Colorado Springs 3 years ago and I continue to home school using Waldorf inspired curriculum.  It has been a true blessing watching my children grow and being able to attend to each of their individual temperaments. Home schooling and Waldorf have become our way of life and as a family we enjoy spending time together escaping into the mountains, hiking, playing games, reading, cooking and sharing life. I am very excited to bring my love and knowledge of the Waldorf pedagogy to the home school enrichment classes and look forward to being a part of the community at Mountain Song.


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