Oralia Venzor

Oralia is a dancer, an artist, and a teacher. She is a bicultural and bilingual native of Chihuahua Mexico. She grew up in Colorado Springs and has always lived in both the U.S. and Mexico. Oralia graduated from CU Boulder with a  Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs. After graduating from college she became more actively involved in the Mexikayotl, heart of the Mexican people, Movement. The Mexikayotl Movement is a movement of people dedicated to the study and preservation of the Mexican culture and traditions.

Oralia has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Mexico, and South America studying native art and culture. She has been an ancestral dance performing artist for over twenty years and has facilitated workshops and participated in cultural festivals internationally. Oralia is a member of the storytelling dance troupe Azteca Art Colorado-based out of Denver. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Chicano Humanities Arts Council gallery in the Denver arts district, where she performs annually for their Dia De Los Muertos event. One of her greatest accomplishments has been joining the Peace and  Dignity Journeys spiritual run in 1996 where she ran from ALburquerque N.M. to the great pyramids of Teotihuacan just outside of Mexico City.

Previously, Oralia worked for District 11 as a reading tutor and also served as a community liaison for the Spanish speaking families. Oralia is a professionally trained interpreter. In addition to teaching at Mountain Song, she also teaches and interprets at the Globelink Language Center, located downtown.

While traveling, Oralia discovered the Yucatan Peninsula and has made this part of the country her seasonal home. She is very excited to be back at Mountain Song teaching mIddle school this year! Since enrolling her son at the school five years ago Oralia has fallen in love with the Waldorf philosophy and pedagogy. She strongly believes in nurturing the nature of each student by teaching to the thinking, feeling and willing aspects of their being. She is looking forward to using her diverse knowledge and talents in creating rich cultural educational experiences for the students.

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