Jason Murphy

Jason Murphy has been a teacher for over twelve years, five of which were spent teaching in Waldorf schools. Jason grew up in rural apple and grape producing region of Sonoma in Northern California, where he first heard of Waldorf education. Jason then independently encountered Rudolf Steiner’s work while stationed in Germany and this inspired him to consider being a teacher. Jason’s love of math education was rekindled by Steiner’s lectures on how mathematics strengthens the soul and helps the mind look past surface level appearances towards what is invisible. He graduated Sonoma State University with his degree in mathematics and a teaching credential. He was certified as a Waldorf teacher through the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Training. He left a position at Marin Community College to be a founding member of California’s first charter Waldorf High School, Credo High. He also worked at the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, teaching both middle and high school blocks, as well as mathematics track classes. In 2016, Jason moved to Colorado to be closer to family. In his spare time, he plays guitar for a traditional Irish band, writes, kayaks and puzzles over math riddles.

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