Claudia Martin

I am a Colorado native, fortunate to have grown up in the Four Corners area. I received a BA in English from Colorado College, and raised my own family in the mountains near Florissant. A love of living close to nature fueled many important choices of my life:  living and teaching in a remote community in the Costa Rican rain forest for two years right after college; using daily hikes in nature for thirty years as the best therapy for my son who has autism; and teaching for twenty-five years in a small mountain community at Columbine Elementary School and Woodland Park Middle School, where outdoor education was a top priority.  In addition to my beloved Colorado, I’ve lived in upstate NY, Illinois, and Gainesville, Forida where I received an MED in education and taught at the University of FL Lab School.   My life passions include my family and friends, teaching, the arts, travel, history, healthy living, sustainability, learning, nature, and new experiences.  I am now a partially retired teacher, giving me time to volunteer at hospice, work as a sandtray art therapist, pursue a story collecting project, and work as a Home School Enrichment teacher at Mountain Song Community School.

As a teacher, I value facilitating individual children’s growth by honoring their wonderful uniqueness, while simultaneously building a caring classroom community committed to a harmonious whole.  The relationships I have built with my students over the years are some of my most treasured and ongoing friendships; children enrich my life and teach me as much as I do them.  I love the excitement of learning new things, and I try to model and communicate that excitement to my students through hands-on multisensory experiences, storytelling and literature, and the arts.  I am new to specific Waldorf education practices but not to the philosophy behind them, having helped found a Camphill community in Northern Colorado for adults with developmental disabilities.   However, the more I read about Waldorf practices, the more I realize I’ve been a Waldorf teacher all along.  I homeschooled my own daughter for many years in order to meet her unique needs as she grew into the artist and naturalist she is today, so I understand the benefits and challenges of homeschooling.   I look forward to further Waldorf training, collaborating with my colleagues, and working with parents as partners in their children’s education.


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