Brandy Robinson

Ms. Robinson finds great joy in her work with children and continues a passionately filled journey teaching and inspiring students of all ages. She is dedicated to educating the child through reverence, beauty, and creativity through the practical arts. Ms. Robinson is ever in awe with the capacity children hold for learning and how they express their experiences through creative endeavors.

Ms. Robinson holds a background in visual and fiber arts and continues her education through the Waldorf-Steiner lens as well as traditional college and self education. She particularly enjoys the Humanities, History, World Geography and is cultivating a connection to the maths.
Having held positions on educational boards in both the private and public sectors as well having five years of classroom teaching experience, Ms. Robinson holds a great appreciation and compassion for the diversity brought together through the parents and teachers as a living partnership for the intensional education of the child.

When not teaching, one might see Ms. Robinson on her bicycle enjoying the early morning air, hiking, tending her chickens, or enjoying a great cup of coffee. A little known fact: Ms. Robinson is Gnome Maker and six of the seven continents are homes to her magical creations.


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