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I grew up in a small Kansas town. I am the oldest of four children – a younger brother and two younger sisters, which put me in the unique position of learning how to care for small human beings from a very young age. Those years of being a big sister helped me learn patience, forced me to develop a sense of humor, and taught me empathy.

My parents introduced me early to stories and books. My father made up outrageous tales, while my mother would read and re-read picture books until I’m certain she could recite them verbatim  Much of my childhood was spent in the local library where I enjoyed many an hour searching for the best books, devouring stories, and daydreaming about the adventures I had just experienced. That love of stories and literature has remained with me my entire life, and I feel so fortunate to be able to share that passion with my students.
I have been married for more than 20 years to Jason, who works in legal publishing. We have two children, Madeline and Claire, along with a lazy tabby cat named Hazel. In my free time I am a voracious reader, enjoy crocheting, daydreaming, and spending time with my family.




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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”
Albert Einstein

Debbie earned her degree in Forestry and loaded up her belongings in a truck to seek work in Colorado. She landed a job on a surveying team and surveyed the foothills of the Rockies for Jefferson County. From there she moved on to the Open Space Department where she worked on designing trail systems for newly acquired parks. Despite having found her dream job, she moved to Divide Colorado because of her husband’s job transfer. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she started an interior plantscaping business with accounts in Colorado Springs. After building and growing the business for 11 years, she sold it to a couple who are still in business here in Colorado Springs. As her two boys grew, she decided to sign on as a substitute teacher to contribute to the household income. This is how she discovered her love for teaching and led her to seek licensure with the state. She taught in the Woodland Park District for 8 years. She has worked with children in an after school community service club for seven of those years instilling in them the importance of helping your community. Her love of environmental education led her to directing the environmental YES Club at her school through the Catamount Institute. Seeking alternatives to public education led her to Mountain Song School. She has been a part of the community teaching the second semester of second grade this past year. Debbie believes that school is such an integral part of a child’s life and should be a place that they love to come to each day. She is excited to be a part of the Mountain Song community. She is looking forward to building a wonderful relationship with her future students and families.



I like to refer to myself as, “Ohio grown.” I was born in Canton, Ohio and lived in the Buckeye State for 25 years before “the mountains of the west” beckoned me to make a pioneering move with my best friend. Growing up, I was actively involved on the YMCA swim team and begged my parents to put me in every art class offered at the public library. Over time, I discovered my desire to be a teacher and eventually “unearthed” my love for the outdoors. I graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education from Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio. I received some of my most valuable professional development from the summers I spent as a camp counselor at Camp Nuhop, a weekly residential summer camp for children with special needs and as an assistant field-guide at Passages to Recovery, a wilderness therapy program for adults recovering from addiction. Shortly after moving to Colorado, my urge to swim again introduced me to the world of triathlons. I began training for a sprint distance triathlon and five years later I was completing my first full Ironman distance event (140.6 miles!). I began my teaching career with three years as a fourth grade teacher, followed by six years as a third grade teacher, and then three years as a first grade teacher in public education before I discovered Waldorf education. During my eager and enthusiastic research of Waldorf education, it quickly became apparent to me that I am truly a Waldorf teacher at heart. The journey ever since has felt like I’m emerging from the forest into a beautiful meadow of wildflowers and I’m beginning to run, skip and leap my way towards “home.” I have always believed that “learning” occurs through meaningful experiences that are connected to personal relationships built on respect, trust, and love.  I am both honored and ecstatic to be a part of the Mountain Song Community School’s family.






The eldest of four sisters, Alisia shares life-long experience with children and ongoing learning. Home schooled through sixth grade and then attending both charter and public schools in Colorado Springs, Alisia then moved to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, she spent time as a social worker in El Paso and Teller Counties before realizing her passion for teaching. Looking for nontraditional educational methods, she received her Lower Elementary certification at Montessori Education Center of the Rockies. Alisia spent three years as an assistant in a public Montessori classroom working and forming relationships with first, second and third grade students.

She served our community as a long term substitute at Mountain Song Community School while growing in Waldorf methods and pedagogy. She could not feel more excited to take this important journey with her students.

Alisia enjoys being outdoors, running, poetry, eating sushi and just about anything that gives her time with her husband and daughter. She also loves being with children as they make their own discoveries.




Jason Murphy has been a teacher for over twelve years, five of which were spent teaching in Waldorf schools. Jason grew up in rural apple and grape producing region of Sonoma in Northern California, where he first heard of Waldorf education. Jason then independently encountered Rudolf Steiner’s work while stationed in Germany and this inspired him to consider being a teacher. Jason’s love of math education was rekindled by Steiner’s lectures on how mathematics strengthens the soul and helps the mind look past surface level appearances towards what is invisible. He graduated Sonoma State University with his degree in mathematics and a teaching credential. He was certified as a Waldorf teacher through the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Training. He left a position at Marin Community College to be a founding member of California’s first charter Waldorf High School, Credo High. He also worked at the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, teaching both middle and high school blocks, as well as mathematics track classes. In 2016, Jason moved to Colorado to be closer to family. In his spare time, he plays guitar for a traditional Irish band, writes, kayaks and puzzles over math riddles.








Dan Cordova is a born and raised Colorado native whose ancestral roots tie him to the region’s red rocks and towering mountains. The Chicano poet, artist and game master has spent the past several years in education utilizing his diverse skills and passions to connect his students to a purposeful, meaningful education experience. Dan enjoys sharing his voice at open mics and on karaoke nights, finding his way through the many wild spaces of Colorado and playing table-top games with his closest friends.




Elise’s first memories of gardening took place when she was a young girl. She remembers picking peppers and watering greens with her grandpa in the one acre urban plot he leased to feed his family of 7. She also remembers hiding under her grandma’s rhubarb plants during hide and seek sessions with her cousins. As a mother of 4, she has watched how a garden can bring so much joy to her own children. Experiences and memories like these are what she hopes to cultivate for Mountain Song students.

Elise is a founding board member for MSCS. Elise served as an assistant teacher in a Waldorf- inspired preschool and kindergarten in Telluride. It was here that she came to appreciate the many ways that Waldorf played such an integral role in serving children through simplicity, rhythm, and authentic relationships. It was also here that Elise began growing greens during the extremely short growing season and visiting local farms to learn more about growing food in Colorado. The seed was planted.  For the past 10 years, Elise has been involved with the local food movement and has volunteered at numerous farms across the country. She has served as assistant director of Pikes Peak Urban Gardens and as Lead Gardener for The Aspen Pointe Community Garden, where she designed and implemented a Youth Farmer’s Market training for at risk teens and a horticultural wellness program for Aspen Pointe Clients. She holds a B.A in Sustainable Community Development from Prescott College.  She has Recently participated in the Rocky Mountain GRAIN School and seed trials, the National Biodynamic Association Conference, Rocky Mountain Seed School, among other local professional development.

Entering her 4th year in this role, she has developed a dynamic curriculum that aligns with the traditional Waldorf pedagogy and harnesses the magic and beauty of the outdoor classroom, while encouraging skills such as community building, conscious communication, and problem solving. She enjoys yoga, camping, hiking, rafting, cooking, music festivals, and spending time with her family.

Mountain Song Farm to Fork Schoolyard Wishlist








Kate grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area before the dotcom boom, when freeways only had four lanes and some of them were still free of traffic. She received her B.A. in English from the University of California at Santa Barbara and spent her undergraduate summers working for a Boys and Girls Club camp as a counselor, a hike leader, the head lifeguard, and the assistant director of the summer program. Kate earned her master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (MA-TESL/TEFL) from the University of Northern Arizona and spent years living overseas teaching English in the Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and the United Arab Emirates. In 2003, Kate packed up her traveling shoes and moved to Colorado to start a family and to enjoy the wide open spaces, fresh air, and stellar quality of life this great state has to offer. Kate first began working in the Mountain Song office during April of 2014. Though she still gets the itchy feet now and then and always misses the excitement and wonder of living in a foreign country, Kate has found that the vibrant culture of Mountain Song and the wide variety of people, personalities, and experiences that present themselves while working in the front office are surprisingly reminiscent of her overseas life.




Ms. Robinson finds great joy in her work with children and continues a passionately filled journey teaching and inspiring students of all ages. She is dedicated to educating the child through reverence, beauty, and creativity through the practical arts. Ms. Robinson is ever in awe with the capacity children hold for learning and how they express their experiences through creative endeavors.

Ms. Robinson holds a background in visual and fiber arts and continues her education through the Waldorf-Steiner lens as well as traditional college and self education. She particularly enjoys the Humanities, History, World Geography and is cultivating a connection to the maths.
Having held positions on educational boards in both the private and public sectors as well having five years of classroom teaching experience, Ms. Robinson holds a great appreciation and compassion for the diversity brought together through the parents and teachers as a living partnership for the intensional education of the child.

When not teaching, one might see Ms. Robinson on her bicycle enjoying the early morning air, hiking, tending her chickens, or enjoying a great cup of coffee. A little known fact: Ms. Robinson is Gnome Maker and six of the seven continents are homes to her magical creations.




Hello Mountain Song, my name is Shannon Leifer and I am a homemaker/home school mother of 3 beautiful children.  My husband and I have lived in Colorado for 14 years. In the early years of our marriage we lived in the mountain valley of Vail, CO where I was a licensed Montessori pre-school teacher.  When our children came of school age we decided to keep them home and it was at this time I stepped into a Waldorf kindergarten classroom.  I emerged myself into the Waldorf pedagogy, reading books by Steiner and attending Waldorf At-Home workshops at the Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, CO and the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, CA.  I also helped organize a small Waldorf co-op where families with young children came together once a week to share circle time, stories, handwork and play. We were fortunate enough to have the Roaring Fork Waldorf School in Carbondale close to share in their festivals and parent-child classes. We moved to Colorado Springs 3 years ago and I continue to home school using Waldorf inspired curriculum.  It has been a true blessing watching my children grow and being able to attend to each of their individual temperaments. Home schooling and Waldorf have become our way of life and as a family we enjoy spending time together escaping into the mountains, hiking, playing games, reading, cooking and sharing life. I am very excited to bring my love and knowledge of the Waldorf pedagogy to the home school enrichment classes and look forward to being a part of the community at Mountain Song.



I am a Colorado native, fortunate to have grown up in the Four Corners area. I received a BA in English from Colorado College, and raised my own family in the mountains near Florissant. A love of living close to nature fueled many important choices of my life:  living and teaching in a remote community in the Costa Rican rain forest for two years right after college; using daily hikes in nature for thirty years as the best therapy for my son who has autism; and teaching for twenty-five years in a small mountain community at Columbine Elementary School and Woodland Park Middle School, where outdoor education was a top priority.  In addition to my beloved Colorado, I’ve lived in upstate NY, Illinois, and Gainesville, Forida where I received an MED in education and taught at the University of FL Lab School.   My life passions include my family and friends, teaching, the arts, travel, history, healthy living, sustainability, learning, nature, and new experiences.  I am now a partially retired teacher, giving me time to volunteer at hospice, work as a sandtray art therapist, pursue a story collecting project, and work as a Home School Enrichment teacher at Mountain Song Community School.

As a teacher, I value facilitating individual children’s growth by honoring their wonderful uniqueness, while simultaneously building a caring classroom community committed to a harmonious whole.  The relationships I have built with my students over the years are some of my most treasured and ongoing friendships; children enrich my life and teach me as much as I do them.  I love the excitement of learning new things, and I try to model and communicate that excitement to my students through hands-on multisensory experiences, storytelling and literature, and the arts.  I am new to specific Waldorf education practices but not to the philosophy behind them, having helped found a Camphill community in Northern Colorado for adults with developmental disabilities.   However, the more I read about Waldorf practices, the more I realize I’ve been a Waldorf teacher all along.  I homeschooled my own daughter for many years in order to meet her unique needs as she grew into the artist and naturalist she is today, so I understand the benefits and challenges of homeschooling.   I look forward to further Waldorf training, collaborating with my colleagues, and working with parents as partners in their children’s education.




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Gina is always happy to welcome new families to Mountain Song and has been with the school since it opened its doors in 2013.

In the early part of her marriage to her husband Michael; she traveled the country working on numerous organic farms where she learned how to grow food, care for animals and live in community.

Gina is a trained art teacher for students K-12 and is currently enrolled in the Nurturing the Roots program which focuses on therapeutic work with young children.

When not in the classroom Gina enjoys time with her family, hiking, gardening and soaking up the Colorado sunshine.



Greetings, beautiful Mountain Song community! I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow with you and your children! It is with great joy that I look forward to each day immersed in the nurturing environment that Waldorf philosophy emanates.

Colorado Springs has been my home since 1988. It is here that I have raised a family of three daughters, ages 22, 19, and 9. I started college in 1993 and have been attending in one form or another ever since. My interests are broad, and I love to learn. As a result, I have a very diverse educational background from computer information systems to chemistry to health and wellness, but my primary emphasis has always remained in teaching, specifically early childhood. I find such joy and enlightenment in how each child embraces his or her world with such totality of emotion and enthusiasm.

Although my path primarily consists of teaching special education preschool through 3 rd grade in a public school setting, I believe all I have experienced and learned has led me to seek a more holistic approach to teaching. As such, learning Waldorf principles has been more of a “coming home” sensation rather than simply learning a new teaching style. It has been a significant and welcomed lifestyle change for me and my family.

Away from school, my interests include spending time with my daughters, working on our 115-year- old cottage in Cheyenne Canyon, practicing yoga, hiking, camping, cooking, and reading. I am also learning to play guitar and learning more about organic gardening.

Thank you for welcoming me into the Mountain Song community!




My name is Shana McCarty-Ebler and I am delighted to be working with the first grade children and our lovely classroom teacher Katherine Smith.  I have worked with young children in many different settings and have my Certification in Primary Montessori Education, but feel especially fortunate to have come to Mountain Song Community School for both my 5th grade son and myself as I truly love all that I have learned about the Waldorf way.

My husband Tom and I have a 10 year old boy, Cedric and a 26 year old son named Seamus who lives in Denver.  We also have 2 dogs, 2 cats and a fish and keep happily busy gardening, canning, making things with our hands and practicing Yoga and meditation.  I love to read and sew and crochet and am enjoying learning to knit along with the first graders.






I grew up in Colorado spending time exploring our beautiful State through camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. In addition to my love of the outdoors, I also grew up loving sports. As a multi-sport,  athlete, I gained knowledge and experience in several areas. I have coached and refereed many sports programs over the years and enjoy motivating children and adults to “play with heart.”  I played basketball in college, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Athletic Training from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

I have been with Mountain Song Community School since the doors opened in 2013. Prior to that I worked four years on staff at a private Montessori school.  I deeply embrace child-centered educational methods and am committed to helping the generations grow in wholeness, purpose, and joy.  I am grateful to bring my own experiences in traditional sport and incorporate them through Waldorf teaching methods that utilize the rich cultural gifts of song, dance, and storytelling.

Last year,  I had the pleasure of utilizing many years of management experience gained in the health care arena by serving as part of the interim administrative team.  I’m back now doing what I love as the Games and Movement Teacher.




Deanna Bray grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada – “the land of living skies.” Her love for music and for children led her to attain a BMus and BEd with a concentration on elementary music from the University of Saskatchewan. Soon after graduation, her adventurous spirit beckoned her to explore other parts of North America. With her newfound skills in hand, she taught music to children in Mexico for four years and, after that, in San Diego. She recently moved to Colorado Springs to begin a new adventure with her husband and two children. Teaching music at a Waldorf charter school is her ideal music position, and she is so excited to begin this journey with Mountain Song.




Jennie Danfors-Furman is our Nutrition and Cooking Arts teacher. She is originally from Sweden, and moved to the United States when she was 24 years old. Jennie has a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition, and a Bachelors Degree in Recreation and Corporate Fitness.

Prior to coming to Mountain Song, Jennie worked for Colorado Outward Bound School, and most recently founded Pause To Eat, a nutritional consulting business, where she taught people how to cook simple, fun, nutritious, healthy meals from around the world.

As a teacher, Jennie loves to inspire people, especially when it comes to nutrition, health, wellness and cooking: “I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach kids how to cook and prepare nutritious, delicious and fun foods”. Jennie knows that at times, eating healthy and cooking can seem like another cumbersome chore we have to fit into our busy lives. However, as Jennie says, “when kids are given an opportunity to learn cooking skills along with the positive benefits behind healthy eating, cooking and eating healthy become a welcome and fulfilling part of their lives”. “The pride, self-reliance and confidence kids feel from sharing something they made, are some of the other benefits of learning how to cook.” Jennie also believes that Cooking Arts and Nutrition is an interdisciplinary subject that naturally integrates and supports learning from other subjects such as math, biology, chemistry and geography.

Jennie and her husband Steven have a 14-year old daughter named Annika.

She has a passion for the arts and interior design, and enjoys backcountry skiing, hiking and mountain biking with her family and friends.




“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

I moved to the mountains of Colorado in 1976 after graduating from high school in Texas.  While working in Dillon, I met my husband.  We moved to Ft. Collins, where I went to CSU and received my Bachelor of Science degree.

We lived briefly in Nebraska, but moved back to Colorado in 1988.  I ran a preschool out of my home in Woodland Park for six years while my four children were small.  When my kids entered school, I began teaching in public school.  I have taught preschool, kindergarten, first, second and fourth grades, and the gifted and talented program.  Along the way, I received my Master’s Degree in reading.

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me reading!  I love to read, and love to teach children the magic of reading.





I am thrilled to be part of the Mountain Song teaching staff this year and I look forward to meeting new colleagues, parents, and students. I grew up in Ohio and attended Ashland University for my bachelor’s degree in Special Education. Since then I have taught in Ohio, Colorado, and New Mexico K-12 Special Education. I am married and my husband, Albert, is also in the field of education. I have two beautiful children, Emma Rose and Matthew, who keep me busy at home when I’m not teaching. Reading is my number one hobby. I also enjoy listening to music and going for walks or hikes outside.




I’m so happy to be a member of the staff and community of Mountain Song. I have an extensive background in all levels of education, including working at the Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten and teaching Early Childhood Education classes at the Delta Montrose Technical College. I have been a grandparent volunteer, substitute teacher, education assistant, and now a SPED Para/Librarian at MSCS. I love working with our student in both the classroom and the library.  The children here are very special and very dear to me, as are their families and the school staff–the nicest group of people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.



I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve at Mountain Song! It is a joy to be surrounded by fellow teachers that share a genuine care and love for children. I grew up in a family of teachers, so I guess you can say, “It’s in my blood.” I have been working my way west; born in New Jersey, moved to Illinois (where I received my degree in Special Education at Illinois State University) and then on to Colorado. I moved here in 1996, and since nature is my playground, I am peacefully settled. Colorado is my home with my husband of 22 years, and three beautiful daughters that are my joy.

After teaching Special Education for 4 years, I became a founding teacher at a local charter school and taught mostly 2nd grade for 13 years (total) with an 8 year break to be home with my girls and homeschool a bit, all the while learning and growing in my passion for helping those with special needs. I had the opportunity to serve adults with cognitive disabilities and spent countless hours researching methods for helping struggling learners. My philosophy is summed up in a quote from Helen Keller as she grew older. She said, “I cannot stop to grow old while there is so much work to do, and so many children to help.” My heart has always been for the struggling learner and I am thankful to have this opportunity at Mountain Song. Your child is valuable to me!



Hello!  I am so excited to be a part of the Mountain Song Community School community!  My name is Nicole Svenson and I am the Math & Reading Interventionist for Grades 4-8.  I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education in 1993 from Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois.  The following year, I earned my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education in Reading from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.  I have been both a Title I Reading Teacher and a classroom teacher.  This is my sixteenth year of teaching.  I took a couple of years off from teaching to be a stay-at-home mother to my two daughters.  My family and I moved to Colorado from Illinois about five years ago and we love it here!  In my free time, I love to spend time with my family (we LOVE the Dollar Theatre), crocheting, reading, cooking and baking gluten free food, as well as doing home improvement projects.  I look forward to meeting you all!



It is a dream come true to be teaching Special Education at Mountain Song. My journey to Special Education started when I graduated from The Classical Academy here in Colorado Springs. I attended the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for my undergraduate in Geography and Environmental Studies, a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction emphasized in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (ELL) and second master’s degree in Special Education emphasized in Social Studies. I am the only member of my family that was not born in the south, I am a native to Colorado Springs. I am one of eight children and I love dogs and the Broncos. Thank you for sharing your child!




Doña Anita is the Spanish (6th) and World Languages (7th & 8th) teacher for Mountain Song Community School.  She brings her extensive experience and personal love of different cultures to MSCS.

Since 1992 Anita homeschooled her children and taught in various enrichment classes and co-ops.  She also has been very involved both locally and internationally with organized leadership and speech training through the Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC) including National and International positions.  She personally coached several students with international award winning speeches.

Anita graduated Cum Laude from Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO with a humanities degree with an emphasis in Foreign Languages (Spanish, German and French).  She has served in Guatemala and Oaxaca, Mexico with Amigos de las Americas and in Rosarito, Mexico with Project Mexico. She also was able to tour Europe with an honors choir.  All of these experiences have informed her love of cultures and her desire to share that knowledge.

Currently, Anita still volunteers as a Global Leader for ICC, the Director of Education, and middle school teacher for her church.

Anita moved from Indiana to Colorado with her family in 1972 and has lived in Colorado Springs with her husband for the past 32 years.  They have 6 children and 5 grandchildren. Anita enjoys hiking, skiing, handwork and spending time with people!



My name is María G. Webb.  I am from North of Mexico.  I came to USA 25 years ago.  I graduate from Texas A&M International University (TAMIU), with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature,  I continued studying abroad in Granada, Spain to get my Master in Spanish,  I am in the educational field since 19 years ago, teaching students of all ages (K-University).  I am a born writer.  I wrote more than 200 poems and short stories, some of them had been publish in “La Carta” magazine of TAMIU. I also wrote some articles in I love the arts and all different style of expressions, reason why I participate in recitals and plays at TAMIU.  When I was a kid I want to be an actress but circumstances did not give me the chance to do that.  Still I had that in mind, and I accomplish that goal in my adult stage by being part of a movie “Milagro Movie” where my character was the antagonist. I moved to Colorado 5 years ago.  I was working as a Spanish teacher in Pueblo with students K-8.  I am extremely excited to work in Mountain Song School.  The Waldorf philosophy is a fantastic method to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the students.

María G. Webb
Spanish Teacher 1-5
Mountain Song Community School

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