Parents Council



The mission of Parent Council is to facilitate parent involvement and support the teachers in preserving the vision of the school.


  • Forum for discussion for parents
  • Parent Education at PC meetings
  • Communication channel
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Fundraising
  • Sponsor committees and clubs


The PC is comprised of its Governing Body, Working Committees, and the Community of MSCS families.

Members of the Parent Council include:

  • Any parent, grandparent, caregiver, or extended family of MSCS that wishes to be involved in the Parent Council.
  • The governing body, which is elected by the council (by a majority vote of those present) in the fall of each school year.
  • Governing Body includes:

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Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendars with these important upcoming dates!


First Day of School, Tuesday, September 3rd – 1st through 8th grade ~ Wednesday, September 4th – Kindergarten

Please note that the school calendar, found on the school website or CLICK HERE, lists all of the parent council meetings and classroom representative meetings for the year. 

 Volunteer Opportunities

We’re currently looking for volunteers for the following:

  • Help with building our Library– The Library Committee is pleased to announce that we have received a large quantity of books and supplies! We also have library software. We now have a lot of work to do! We need help putting protective covers on books and getting the books entered into our library system. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. To volunteer or to get more information contact the Library Committee:
  • May Faire! May Faire is a fun community event that requires many hands to make the event a success. If you are interested in helping organize May Faire, please contact Cambria Milner (Festivals Chair):
  • May Faire crafting sessions: Days and times to be announced. A group of parents will gather together to work on craft projects that need to be completed for May Faire. Come join us- help make May Faire a success, expand your crafting skills, and get to know some members of your school community!


Committees are formed to address current needs. Members of the council choose the committee/committees they want to work on.

“We believe everyone in the community has a gift to offer.  We encourage participation on whatever level people are able to contribute.  We want to help parents find a place that gives them joy and is sustaining for them.”  -AWSNA site

Current Working Committees:

  • Communications – Facilitate and assist with communication within our community to ensure that all families receive pertinent information and volunteer opportunities are shared so needs are fulfilled. A Volunteer Liaison will be elected from within the committee so that the Classroom Reps, Committee Chairs, etc. have a single person that is responsible for relaying volunteer needs to the community at large. The Committee’s functions may include but are not limited to supplying articles for the school newsletter, provide support to the school Volunteer Coordinator and Program Coordinator, and maintaining and updating the Parent Council page of the MSCS website.                Chair: Denise Mills              
  • Festivals – Committee organizes upcoming community festivals such as Winter Faire and May Faire. Festivals Co-Chairs: Cambria Milner
  • Fundraising Working with the PC Treasurer, the Fundraising Committee plans and executes fundraisers to support the mission of the Parent Council.   Chair: Kendra Richer-Hoekenga
  • Hospitality Creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, which may include, but is not limited to, welcoming new families to the community, providing a point of contact for Kindergarten and First Grade families at the beginning of the year, hosting a back to school tea, coordinating refreshments for Staff Meetings and special occasions, and coordinating teacher appreciation week.                                                        Chair: Veronica Baker
  • Health & Wellness Works to educate and support the community as we live out the Waldorf culture, which includes the media policy, food program, and dress code. This may include providing educational pieces for the PC meetings, sponsoring classes and clubs supporting a healthy lifestyle, etc.  Chair: DeAnna Stonick
  • Library Provides ongoing support for the school library. With the library still in its infancy, the committee’s responsibilities will evolve over time but in the short term may include organizing the library inventory, scanning the books into the system, and hosting a library fundraiser.      Chairs: Laura Rocca & Grian McFadden



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