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The Parent Council is a standing committee of the MSCS Board of Directors, and is comprised of its Governing Body, Working Committees, and the Community of MSCS families.  Ashley Pfalz is the Parent Council Representative, elected by Parent Council, who serves as a member of the MSCS Board of Directors as well as a member of the Parent Council.  She can be reached at

Members of the Parent Council include:

  • Any parent, grandparent, caregiver, or extended family of MSCS that wishes to be involved in the Parent Council. 
  • The Parent Council Governing Body, which is elected by the Parent Council (by a majority vote of those present) in the fall of each school year. 
  • Parent Council Governing Body includes:


Committees are formed to address current needs. Members of the council choose the committee/committees they want to work on.

“We believe everyone in the community has a gift to offer.  We encourage participation on whatever level people are able to contribute.  We want to help parents find a place that gives them joy and is sustaining for them.”  -AWSNA site

Current Working Committees:

  • Class Representative Chair – Class rep chair helps coordinate class reps, works with staff to select and support class reps, and generates/ distributes emails to keep class reps informed.  Chair: Ashley Pfalz
  • Communications – Facilitate and assist with communication within our community to ensure that all families receive pertinent information and volunteer opportunities are shared so needs are fulfilled. A Volunteer Liaison will be elected from within the committee so that the Classroom Reps, Committee Chairs, etc. have a single person that is responsible for relaying volunteer needs to the community at large. The Committee’s functions may include but are not limited to supplying articles for the school newsletter, provide support to the school Volunteer Coordinator and Program Coordinator, and maintaining and updating the Parent Council page of the MSCS website.  Chair: Denise Mills –
  • Fundraising – Working with the PC Treasurer, the Fundraising Committee plans and executes fundraisers to support the mission of the Parent Council.  Chair: Sarah Cowan –
  • Health & Wellness – Works to educate and support the community as we live out the Waldorf culture, which includes the media policy, food program, and dress code. This may include providing educational pieces for the PC meetings, sponsoring classes and clubs supporting a healthy lifestyle, etc.  Chair: Stephanie Ryan –
  • Hospitality – Creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, which may include, but is not limited to, welcoming new families to the community, providing a point of contact for Kindergarten and First Grade families at the beginning of the year, hosting a back to school tea, coordinating refreshments for Staff Meetings and special occasions, and coordinating teacher appreciation week.  Chair: Open –
  • Secretary – Parent counsel secretary attends all parent council monthly meeting. The secretary keeps track of attendance, writes the agenda with the help of the pc chair and takes and publishes minutes.  Chair: Open –
  • Treasurer – Parent council treasurer keeps track of our budget and attends/support fundraising events. The treasurer also will generate and present a monthly budget report.  Chair: Stephanie Martinez –

Volunteer Opportunities

We’re currently looking for volunteers for the following positions:

  • Secretary
  • Festivals Chairperson
  • Hospitality Chairperson

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