On this page you will find various videos and links shared from previous festival celebrations.
They are listed in descending order. Enjoy! 

Mountain Song Give & Volunteer Opportunities
Quail Lake
Monument Valley Park
Nancy Lewis Park
Fountain Creek Regional Park
Celebrating Candlemas
sand candle
Sand Candles
Crepes for Candlemas
6th Grade
7th Grade
Emma Rose
Grace, 7th Grade
Hannah, 7th Grade
Hannah, 7th Grade
Olivia, 7th Grade
Mountain Sage Community School
Mountain Phoenix Community School
St. Nicholas Day Story
Dutch Paper Wooden Shoe
Honey Taffy Recipe
Hanukkah Story
Star of David Window Star
Magical Applesauce
Latkes Recipe
Santa Lucia Buns Tutorial
Lucia and the Light Story
Santa Lucia Crown & Hat Craft
Lussekatter or St.Lucia Rolls
Gluten Free Saffron Buns
Nature Heart Craft
Winter Spiral How To Guide
Spiral Calendar Craft
Spiced Apple Tea Latte
The Solstice Badger Story
Winter Ice Ornament Craft
Natural Christmas Ornaments
Vegan GF Yule Log Recipe
All You Need Is A Snowman Story
Pine Cone Bird Feeders
The Simple Star
Spicy Gingerbread Cookie
Magic String Snowman Hat
Meet La Befana
Yarn Broom Craft

Throughout the year, Waldorf schools celebrate festivals to mark the passage of time, connect with the cycles of nature, and celebrate our community. We celebrate the Lantern Walk between the fiery close of summer before the deep in-breath of winter. The Lantern Walk honors in an accessible way the story of St. Martin; an outcast known for his gentleness, warmth, and charity. The Lantern Walk also offers us a time to quietly reflect on how each of us can bring light in times of darkness. 

Spindlewood, A Lantern Walk Tale
Lantern Walk Songs Blog
The Lantern Prince
The Lantern
Stutenkerl Recipe
Almond Horn Cookies
Hot Apple Cider
Lantern Bunting
Paper Lantern
Leaf Lantern
Aztec Hot Chocolate
A Gift for Abuelita: Celebrating Day of the Dead Read by Mrs Arzate in English
Un regalo para Abuelita: Celebrando el Día de Muertos - Leído por la Sra. Arzate en Español
Step by Step Tutorial by Amber-joy and Jolie
Printable Recipe
Marigold Garland
Paper Marigolds
Tin Skulls
Printable Pages
King Jack and the Dragon
The Apple Cake
The Apple Cake
Stone Soup
Stone Soup Recipe
Window Stars Tutorial
Nature Table
Leaft Garland
Sew Leaves
Leaf Prints
Felt Pumpkins

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