The Three Streams Student Support Program

The Three Streams Student Support Program

The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul
 The whole community finds its reflection,
And when in the community
The virtue of each one is living.

-Rudolf Steiner

Mountain Song’s Three Streams Student Support Program addresses the social and emotional needs of our students.  Most of the time our children simply need the social and emotional support embedded in our instruction and curriculum.  Sometimes, though, they experience challenges and need additional support.  Challenges may relate to social relationships, to learning differences, or to behavior in the school environment.

These areas of social and emotional well-being comprise the three streams in our Student Support Program:  Social Stream, Remedial/ Therapeutic Stream, and Behavioral Stream.  Not surprisingly, these three streams are interrelated.

Ms. Chimene Phillips, M.Ed., coordinates and leads the Three Streams Program.  She collaborates with teachers and interventionists for social and emotional education, coordinates student plans and support circles, and communicates among parents, faculty, staff, and administration.  Ms. Phillips also works directly with students needing support to self-regulate emotions, to resolve conflicts, and to develop healthy social interactions.  Her office is the well-known Blue Room that serves as a cool-down safe space for children needing direct support.  She also visits classrooms, adding an extra touch of support and education.  The children at MSCS recognize and trust her as a caring and attentive faculty member.  The faculty value her for the insights and care she integrates into the daily life of the school.


•Empathy is the key to success in life.
•Responsibility involves accountability rather than blame.
•A child who misbehaves is a disoriented child.
•Conflict resolution is a necessary part of being human.
•Removing hindrances to learning is key to finding ways to unlocking children’s capacities.

Social and emotional well-being is a prerequisite for academic success.  A recent study (1) demonstrated that students exposed to social and emotional learning programs perform significantly better academically than those students not exposed to such programs.  Providing social and emotional education and support for all students is the foundation of the curriculum and the heart of our work at MSCS.


(1) Jones, D.E., Greenberg, M., and M. Crowley.  (2015). Early social-emotional functioning and public health: The relationship between kindergarten social competence and future wellness.  American Journal of Public Health 105:11, pp. 2283-2290.

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