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Student Behavior Rules

Student Behavior Rules

It has recently become apparent that clear school-wide student behavior expectations needed to be explicitly stated and communicated.  With faculty input, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) created a set of Student Behavior Rules, which have been distributed to all the teachers and staff.  Dr. Woods has also been going into classrooms to discuss them with students. Please see the rules at link below.:

Student Behavior Rules

Be Safe
Be Kind
Be Respectful
Be Responsible

● Student behavior must support a productive learning environment.
● Students must comply with all teachers’ directives in a timely manner.
● Students must treat other students and adults, and their belongings, with
● Students must treat school property with respect.
● Students must use respectful language.
● Students must engage in safe, responsible, respectful, and appropriate
activities in school, on the playground, and during any school-sponsored
● Students must help take care of each other and the school.

Not allowed or tolerated at MSCS:

● Disruptive behavior.
● Non-compliance or defiance of teacher’s directives.
● Disrespect to others and/or their belongings.
● Destruction or defacing of school or others’ property.
● Offensive language, derisive language, and name-calling.
● Activities that relate to violence, drugs, harassment, non-school related
media, or bullying.
● Play that involves hitting or holding others.


Please direct any questions to a member of the Executive Leadership Team:

Teresa M. Woods, Principal

Dan Kurschner, Director of Operations,

Sarah White, Director of School Performance

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