Season of Wonder and Light

Season of Wonder and Light

As we mark the Winter Solstice, we recognize that many cultures celebrate the darkest days of the year by celebrating a season of light.  This light is signified by the brilliant winter starlight, by candles, by holiday lights, and mostly by honoring the inner light we bring from our minds, hands, and hearts to others.  One of the ways we kindle that light is by pure wonder. I hope you find time this Winter Break to wonder, to dream, to sink into a good novel, to get lost in the stars, to get to know someone new, to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to ponder the imponderables of nature and of life.

I am enjoying my first winter in Colorado Springs.  There is such beauty in nature and such warmth in the people that I find myself filled with the wonder of it all!  I also feel a tremendous amount of light in this area, even during the Winter Solstice. However, when the sun creeps behind that mountain, brrrrr does it get chilly!  I appreciate the kindnesses from this community that deeply warm my heart!

I have included a few snapshots here of some seasonal views at Mountain Song.  Alive in my heart are so many more living pictures of the new people in my life, and the love, joy, and learning you all bring to me!  I am so happy to be at Mountain Song Community School!

Wishing you a light and wonder-filled holiday season! 

Dr. Teresa Woods

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