Performance Rating Means Automatic Charter Renewal!

School Performance Rating Means Automatic Charter Renewal!

The Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team are pleased to announce that Mountain Song Community School received a rating of “Performance” for the 2017-18 school year by the Colorado Department of Education and by the Charter School Institute.  Not only does this rating reflect the strength of our public Waldorf model, it also translates into an automatic two-year renewal of our charter through the Charter School Institute!

This is excellent news and reflects the dedicated efforts of students, teachers, administration, parents, board members, and community over the two years since our last charter renewal.  We are deeply grateful for the outstanding work of everyone involved in supporting teaching and learning at Mountain Song.

Further, since the Performance rating allows our school to receive an automatic charter renewal and forgo the task of applying for renewal this year, we are able to focus more leadership energy on our ongoing improvement efforts and working towards our strategic objectives. 

Well done, Mountain Song!

Board of Directors

Executive Leadership Team

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