Please Drop-Off and Pick-Up Safely

Please Drop-Off and Pick-Up Safely

The past several days have been heartbreaking as a number of children across the country have lost their lives or were seriously injured as they were on their way to school at either bus stops or in school zones.  We are also very concerned about the safety of our MSCS students during drop-off and pick-up times during the day.

The school zoning on the streets surrounding the school are marked by areas where no parking is allowed.  These are kiss-and-go lanes, and we ask you to please not park there.  If you park there, you are requiring other vehicles to drop children off in more dangerous areas.  Please keep all children safe by respecting these zones.

We also ask that you do not drop your child off from your car and expect them to cross the street unaccompanied.  Studies show that children have great difficulty crossing busy streets on their own until about age 14 due to lack of awareness of danger and still-developing motor skills.  Anyone who has observed our drop-off and pick-up times also have ample examples of these dangerous practices.

We are most grateful for our Parent volunteers who have initiated a Traffic Patrol during these times.  Please be kind to them — they are trying to ensure the safety of all our treasured students at MSCS.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released an urgent message for motorists to drive safely in school zones and at bus stops — see the link below.  

Young lives depend on you driving safely.



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