Parent Council Gets New Storage Shed

Parent Council Gets New Storage Shed

We are so grateful for a Parent Council that is continually working toward the betterment of our school.  One of their mottos that we love is, “Let’s keep the magic in our school.”  The magic they are speaking of is the beauty and wonder of the natural world, the love of stories, the seasonal festivals, and the community-building elements of our Waldorf heritage.  The Parent Council has worked tirelessly over the years to create special events, fundraisers, and “fun-raisers” that bring our community together to celebrate the heart of our mission.

While doing this, they have gathered a large collection of reusable materials that has outgrown the storage area we had for them in the school.  As the school has grown, our general need for storage has grown as well.  The Festivals Committee also needed easier access to their props for outdoor events.  So, in their usual “get it done” manner, the Parent Council simply got busy and raised the money for a storage shed to meet the need.  But it doesn’t stop there.

On Campus Beautification Day, parents Travis Wadeson and Efren Arzate, and Efren’s son Dylan, teamed together to build the shed.  After Efren volunteered, we discovered that he had previously trained a group of interns to build the exact same shed we had ordered.  It’s amazing how things come together when we all work together.

So, thank you Parent Council, and thank you, Efren, Dylan and Travis for adding this much-needed addition to our school.  Together we can do wonderful things!

The Administrative Team

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