October 2 is Official Count Day

October 2 is Official Count Day: Make sure your student is counted!

What Is Count Day?

The Student October Count is based on a one (1) day membership count in which all public schools and districts in Colorado are asked to report all students who are actively enrolled and attending classes through their district on that date.  This year, the official Count Day is on October 2nd. 

Why Does it Matter?

Each year all public school districts and facilities across the state of Colorado submit the number of students actively enrolled and attending their school to the state.  The purpose of this data collection is to obtain required student level data as provided for by state statute, including information regarding students’ funding eligibility as outlined in the Public School Finance Act of 1994, as amended (22-54-101, C.R.S.). Essentially, we get our funding from the state based on the number of students who are actively attending and enrolled in our school during October Count. 

What If My Student is Sick That Day?

Although we strive to have all our students present on Count Day, we understand that it is unlikely that every student will be able to attend that day.  Luckily, the state looks at student enrollment and attendance the five-days prior to Count Day and five-days after Count Day. So long as we have proof that a student is enrolled and is attending within this 11-day window, we can count that student for funding.  Please DON’T schedule family vacations or extended absences during this time. 

Any questions?  Please contact Ms. Sarah Kreger at skreger@mountainsongschool.com

Thank you for your support!

The Executive Leadership Team

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