New Food Pantry

New Food Pantry

The MSCS Parent Council is starting a Food Pantry for our school!  We have a need for accessible nutritional food for our students, and with your help, we can fill that need. 🍎🍌🍞🍚  

Food donations can be placed in the box set inside the front entrance of the school.  If you are currently providing food to classrooms, we would ask that you bring those items to the Food Pantry, so they can be evenly distributed to the students who really need them.  Anytime spent collecting items also goes towards your volunteer hours😃. Here is a list of items that work well in the pantry so far – please note that we have a refrigerator now!

Items with stars next to them have the highest demands of the Pantry *

Dried fruits

Fresh Apples***

Fresh Oranges***

Fresh Bananas***

Low sugar trail mix

Low sugar granola bars

Peanut butter crackers ***

Beef Jerky ***

Single serving hummus (non-refrigerated)

Low sugar applesauce

High protein low sugar snacks

High protein low sugar yogurt cups ***

Applesauce cups or pouches

Rice cakes

Pretzels *

Peanut butter

High protein low sugar granola *


String cheese *

Or any other items that go along with the schools food policy.

If you are donating items in bulk please let Parent Council separate these items at school so we can keep up with health code standards.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you again for all of your support in the program that is truly making a difference at our school!

Please contact Parent Council if you have any questions at 😃

Thank you!

Holly and Veronica PC Co-Chairs

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