Mrs. Lauren Martinez Receives State Recognition

Mrs. Lauren Martinez Receives State Recognition

Mountain Song’s Special Education teacher and coordinator, Mrs. Lauren Martinez, has long been recognized by our own teachers, administrators, staff, and parents as an outstanding teacher and coordinator for our exceptional children.  Recently, the state has also recognized Mrs. Martinez’s exemplary teaching and leadership abilities in two ways.

First, Mrs. Martinez has been nominated for the Colorado Charter Schools Hall of Fame presented by the Colorado League of Charter Schools.  She was nominated among an elite group of teachers in Colorado as Charter School Educator of the Year. These nominees are recognized as “exceptionally dedicated to closing the achievement gap and preparing students for success now and into the future,” to “teach and inspire in students a love of learning,” and to “put student success in the forefront of their work.”  Click here for more information on her nomination.

Second, Mrs. Martinez is one of two Special Education experts in the state to be selected by our authorizor, the Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI), for underwriting her expenses for a leadership program.  The National Special Education Leadership Academy, offered through the Relay Graduate School of Education program in New York, starts this summer and will involve her and the school in developing an even stronger special education program to serve our exceptional students.  The one-year program brings together special education leaders who are committed to building inclusive schools, a priority for Mrs. Martinez at Mountain Song. This graduate program is designed for “current special education leaders with strong content knowledge and a commitment to driving student outcomes.”  Mrs. Martinez will be sponsored by CSI, who notes that they want to help develop special education leaders throughout their portfolio.

We are proud to have such a talented, competent, and caring special education leader at Mountain Song!  We extend our deep gratitude to Mrs. Martinez for sharing her wisdom here, and for the state organizations for recognizing the stellar leader and educator that she is!    

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