Mountain Song Shines at Battle of the Books

Mountain Song Shines at Battle of the Books

On Thursday, April 18, twelve fifth grade students from Mountain Song went to Colorado College to participate in the Pikes Peak Regional Battle of the Books competition.  Out of 97 teams, our fifth grade teams placed 4th and 5th!

The Battle is a competition where students read up to 40 books whose main characters are about the same age as our fifth graders.  All the main characters overcome adversities or challenges in their lives; many books have great historical perspectives; and the protagonists often confront issues that are relevant today.  Reading these stories is a great way for the students to immerse themselves in the lives of others, and in so doing, cultivate empathy towards others.

All of the Mountain Song fifth grade students worked on reading these books as part of their fifth grade reading curriculum, and the ones who wanted to go further were able to participate in the contest.  By having all the students read the books, all the fifth graders were able to support their classmates who competed.

After reading the books, the students worked in teams of four to answer questions about the books.  The questions were very difficult and required specific recall of numerous, difficult facts in the books.  ALL of the competitors had a great time, and many of them want to become judges for next year’s competition.

The excellent rankings of Mountain Song students at the Battle of the Books provides further confirmation of the effectiveness of the Waldorf curriculum.  Well done, 5th graders!

Much appreciation goes to our wonderful teachers who worked together to prepare the students: Leslie Conrad, Reading Interventionist; Alisia McCabe, Aspen 5th Grade Teacher; and Nancy Carson, Ponderosa 5th Grade Teacher.

Special recognition goes to students from both 5th grade teams who represented Mountain Song at the Battle of the Books:  Adeline Butler, Caitlyn Carter, Harper Cayton, Owen Church, Aynslie Dalzell, Keiron Loftin, Asher Noffsinger, Talise Ogaz-Almeida, Finley Siebert, Jaret Walker, Emily Wiese, and Adalyn Winterberg.

Congratulations from all of us at Mountain Song Community School!

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