May Festivities

May Festivities

For my first May at Mountain Song, I’ve been truly blown away by the incredible May festivities that have brought the community together!  I appreciated the passion with which parents wanted to attend the May Pole Dancing, and we were absolutely delighted to welcome families on May 1st!  Even though the weather did not cooperate to hold the dancing outdoors, we were regaled by each class’s contribution in the gym. Mrs. Hassell gracefully and lovingly guided each group through the complex social intricacies of moving and weaving the ribbons.  

Then on Friday, when the weather was sunny and bright, the classes delivered May baskets with flowers and notes of appreciation to our wonderful neighbors.  I went out with one class and couldn’t have been happier singing with them, with lilacs blooming and Pike’s Peak sporting a pure white coat of snow against the deep blue sky as students delivered baskets.  Thank you to the tireless Internal Festivals Committee!

In the meantime, the Book Faire was attracting a flock of readers for three days, overlapping with the May Faire.  Ms. Grian McFadden, you are simply a wonder, inspiring our students with the finest selection of books! Then the May Faire on Saturday!  What can I say? I kept telling my husband how much I love this school and community. Thank you, Parent Council, for all your outstanding efforts, and especially to Ms. Cambria Milner, Chair of the Festivals Committee.  Stay tuned for pictures next week!

~With gratitude, Dr. Woods

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