Important Board Update – 8/13/19

Dear Mountain Song Community,

We find ourselves ending our summer and beginning a new school year. As the excitement grows for our children, the anticipation grows for us. Speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to share what we are anticipating and currently undergoing.

First, I would like to welcome all new families and encourage everyone to volunteer in whatever capacity you are able to. Volunteerism is of utmost importance for our children, the educators, and the leadership of the school.  This spirit of volunteerism is reflected in the closeness and cohesiveness felt when you enter our school.

We are so fortunate to have our Executive Leadership Team to guide the school and lead the caring and education of our students on a daily basis. We are also fortunate to have such a strong dedicated group of educators in our school who truly care about our children.

The Board of Directors currently faces an unusual situation that we will rapidly address. Our Board President, Nicole Nicoletta, had to resign for personal reasons.  She has our support and we do ask for all to maintain her privacy.  After discussions with her and with the Board Secretary, I am temporarily coordinating Board actions until the Board next meets on August 20th, when we will vote on a new President.  As a Board, we are set up to absorb this impact and will continue on our current path.  We are excited for the upcoming school year and going into our first capital campaign. We are lucky to have a strong Board with a strong set of members. This allows us to continue without interruption on all Board matters.  We welcome you all to attend upcoming Board meetings to see what we are working on.

We thank you for the continued support and look forward to the future of our school.

With light and love,

Christina Halligan

Board Member

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