Great Turnout for Grandparents Day!

Great Turnout for Grandparents Day!

We had a wonderful group of grandparents grace us with their presence last Friday.  Many of them flew in from all over the country: California, Iowa, Texas, Nebraska, Michigan, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Florida.  One couple came all the way from Canada. And, of course we had many from all over Colorado. They all came with lots of smiles, hugs, kisses, and love in their hearts that was poured out on their grandkids.  It was a joy to experience.

These dear ones had a great time with their grandchildren in the classrooms, in Cooking Arts, Handwork, and The Farm.  They also met and shared stories with new friends while enjoying some delicious pastries donated by Coquettes. One gentleman said he thought his heart would burst when his grandson ran up and jumped into his arms.  There were tears of joy as the children sang, danced, recited poems, showed the grandparents their lesson books, handwork artwork, and demonstrated their knowledge in a variety of ways. Every grandparent I spoke with was deeply moved by the joy, enthusiasm, friendliness, and intelligence of the students.  

One grandmother called on Monday and expressed her joy at how the school has become such a positive influence in the community.  Her husband and children all went to school here when it was Whittier Elementary and are experiencing firsthand the difference MSCS is making in lives of children and families here now.  They were so impressed with the students’ behavior, what and how they were learning, and the overall atmosphere of the school, that they wanted to make a donation to the school to continue the legacy.  We are deeply grateful.

We can’t wait until next year!  This is a new tradition we want to expand and improve on as we learn how to celebrate and include our grandparents more in the life of our community.  Special thanks to all of the Parent Council helpers, teachers, and staff that made this day possible. You are awesome!

Mike Harris, Community Development Coordinator

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