Grades 3-8 CMAS State Assessments

Grades 3-8 CMAS State Assessments
April 8-24

As spring is bursting forth and the school year nears its end, we also enter “testing season.”  Like all Colorado public, tuition-free schools funded by taxpayers, Mountain Song has a mandate to assess annual academic progress of students in grades 3-8 through the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) assessments.  These assessments will be given April 8 through April 24 at Mountain Song Community School.

Grades 3-8 teachers have scheduled testing sessions, and they will inform their families of their class testing dates and times.  These assessments are paper and pencil, and will be administered in the students’ classrooms. Appropriate accommodations will be arranged for students qualifying for accommodations.

The purpose of these assessments is to track student growth from year to year at Mountain Song.  These data inform our teachers, interventionists, and administration of specific student academic performance in mathematics, English language arts, social studies, and science, and where they may need additional support.  They also inform us of overall school performance — our areas of academic strengths and areas for improvement.

We ask that you make attendance on testing days a priority.  We emphasize with students that these tests absolutely do not impact their grades.  We also ask them to do their best because it helps us know how we are doing as a school and how we can improve. 

Mountain Song’s public Waldorf model forms the heart of our educational efforts.  By attending to this model, we educate the whole child — head, heart, and hands. We believe that by educating the whole child, a deeper foundation of life-long learning is supported than if only intellectual academics are taught.  Academic assessment through the CMAS measures particular academic strengths, but it certainly does not assess the whole child, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with a child’s worth and value. Each child is celebrated at Mountain Song!

That said, we also believe that the strengths of the public Waldorf model should be affirmed by assessments such as the CMAS.  Please help us document the strengths of our approach and how we can get better by fully participating in our assessment efforts.

Thank you for your support of Mountain Song Community School.  If you have any questions about our testing, please contact Ms. Sarah White, Director of School Performance, at, or Dr. Teresa Woods, Principal, at

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