Gifted Education at Mountain Song Community School

Gifted Education at Mountain Song Community School

At Mountain Song, our staff strives to meet the needs of all our diverse learners.  We believe that all children have gifts, and we provide opportunities for them to develop those gifts through a curriculum that integrates art, storytelling, music, and movement into all subjects.  Rudolf Steiner was prescient in designing Waldorf education in accordance with renowned Harvard educational psychologist Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Our students experience specials classes in Spanish, Handwork, Music, Cooking Arts, Agricultural Arts, and physical education through Games, including the 5th grade Pentathlon, and they have the ability to shine and refine their gifts in those areas. Eighth grade students research and develop a year-long independent project utilizing their gifts. Our multi-age Class Buddies program and 8th grade citizenship programs give children interpersonal and leadership experience.

For children who demonstrate gifted ability in mathematics or language arts, we provide  specific screening and identification through Colorado state-mandated benchmarks and Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs).  These plans, like special education Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), ensure students who have exceptional intellectual ability in quantitative or verbal thinking receive the specific adaptations in their classrooms they need to maximize their potential. Students are referred for screening by both teachers and parents.

In addition, we offer opportunities for ALL students who are interested and motivated to compete in the 5th grade Battle of the Books reading challenge and contest.  This year we are also offering a 4th through 8th grade Math Olympiad Competition after-school club, and an after-school Writing Club for students in 4th through 8th grade who love to write.  Teachers, parents, and students are all encouraged to refer students for the reading, writing, and math clubs.  Please keep in mind that these clubs require that students work at home on assignments they bring to the groups, so the students need to be passionate and motivated about their subjects.

If you are interested in referring your child for any of these enrichment activities, please email Claudia Martin or Leslie Conrad for Battle of the Books.

We hope to add additional after school clubs taught by volunteer parents.  Please email Ms. Martin if you are interested in sharing your talents.

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