Festivals Committee Thank You!

Festivals Committee Thank You!

THANK YOU to our Mountain Song Community for coming out for Pumpkins, Soup, & Stories this past Saturday.

There is no way we could have brought this Autumnal festival to you without Mr. Cordova’s eighth graders’ community service support. They were invaluable in their duties and responsibilities. A huge shout out to former MSCS alumni, Cadets Logan Hassell & Logan Harrison. They did the JROTC program proud with their volunteerism.

Our Pumpkin Patch was a great success. Many thanks to all who purchased pumpkins for their homes. Massive THANKS to Trader Joe’s & Colorado Pumpkin Patch for donating pumpkins, and to Beaufret Flooring, Cedric & Courtney Beaufret, for their generous donation to the purchase of pumpkins.

It wasn’t too chilly of a day to sit for a spell and listen to some stories. Much gratitude to Dr. Woods, Kathrine Smith, Jennifer Grimmett, and Shana McCarthy for your storytelling skills!

Bread! Laura Rocca and her fabulous Focaccia! Oznur and her Turkish loaves! Thank you for baking for us!

Again, we thank all those who donated veggies and their time in prepping and pre-cooking the soup — especially Elise Bowan on the Farm and her Ag Arts classes for their harvests.

Clean up was a breeze with the aid of the 8th grade, the Cadet Logans, spouses, kids, teachers (Laura Hassell I’m looking at you), gosh anyone who helped before and after…it’s a hectic time to take names, but we did see you and we thank you.

And finally, Jesse Rochette. We absolutely rely on your cauldron every year. It is what makes the Community soup DE-licious and gives the feel of harvest time. So, thank you for it and your time…along with Laura Rocca and Tim Devoy for manning the soup.

Last, but not least, our spouses. Thank you Tim and JP, for all the things.

Winter Faire is Saturday, December 1st, 10-2pm.

Warm Regards,

Annielaurie & Cambria

PC Festival’s co-Chairs

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