Eighth Grade Rises Up

The 8th grade class rebelled. After studying the Reformation, the class hammered out their own 21 Theses regarding education (Luther had the class beat by 74, but some students are still writing) and posted them on the front door of Mountain Song School on Friday, August 31st, 2018.  Administrators greeted them with surprise and asked them to explain themselves, which they did with articulation and passion!

The following week, the class started learning about the Scientific Revolution through Galileo’s Leaning Tower of Pisa Experiment.  In this experiment, two spheres of different masses were dropped from the same height, resulting in evidence that disproved Aristotle’s theory of gravity.  Teacher Dan Cordova wove the cultural and historic context with an understanding of the scientific approach so that students directly experienced Galileo’s radical notion and how it overturned previous theories.  Mountain Song’s back fire escape served as the tower, and students at ground level collected data and pieced the conclusions together.

Revolutions and rebellions feature prominently in the Waldorf eighth grade curriculum, and the school is proudly anticipating what else may come this year!

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