Classroom Views

Classroom Views

Here is what is happening in each class for this block, and one or two questions you can ask your student to find out more.

Blue Spruce First Grade –  Arzate

Mrs. Arzate’s first grade is learning about vowels — the “singing letters.” Ask your students to try and say their own or your name without using any vowels.

Red Oak First Grade – Donati

Mrs. Donati’s class is working on their last eight consonants. Each letter has a story that goes with it.  Ask your student his or her favorite letter or story, or both.

Evergreen Second Grade – Smith

Mrs. Smith’s class is working hard on math, especially skip counting and “partners to ten.” Ask what number is a “partner to ten” for any number from zero to ten, or have your student demonstrate skip counting.

The second grade class has also been learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and studying other individuals whose lives were devoted to peace. Mrs. Nancy Carson (5th) shared a story with  the students about her own mother’s work to end segregation during the 1960’s civil rights movement.

Mountain Maple Third Grade – Manz-Jackson

Mrs. Manz-Jackson’s class is delving into the Old Testament stories and myths.  They recently learned the story of Jacob’s Ladder. Talk to your children about how it is when you feel like your parent(s) has/have a favorite, and share an experience from your own childhood.

Juniper Fourth Grade – Ellington/Lang

The fourth grade has been studying the animal kingdom, and relating it to the human in terms of head, body, and limb animals.  Ask about the list the class has made of all the things that can be done with the limbs.

Aspen Fifth Grade – McCabe

Both Fifth Grade classes are studying Ancient Egypt.  Mrs. McCabe’s class is focusing particularly on hieroglyphics right now.  Ask your student to write your name or the title of his or her favorite song (or both) in hieroglyphics.

Ponderosa Pine Fifth Grade – Carson

In Mrs. Carson’s class, the emphasis has been on learning the history and geography of the Nile Valley.  A great conversation starter would be asking why the Nile River was so important to the people of Ancient Egypt.

For either class, ask what your student is learning about the Egyptian gods.

Willow Sixth Grade – Splees

In astronomy, Ms. Splees class has embarked on a study of the constellations and the stories that go with them.  Ask your student to tell you the story of Perseus and Andromeda or the legend of Pegasus.

Redwood Sixth Grade – Murphy

Mr. Murphy’s class has started a unit on Rome and Roman architecture. See if your student can describe how a Roman arch was constructed.

Bristlecone Pine Seventh Grade – Rochette

The Seventh Grade is studying the Renaissance, with the current focus on famous historical figures of the period.  Ask your seventh grader: So, who was Genghis Khan and why was he a such a big deal?

Cottonwood Eighth Grade – Cordova

Mr. Cordova’s class is beginning a study of computers, starting with hardware and moving onto software. Ask your student what the difference is between these two things.

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