Class Spotlight — Third Grade

Class Spotlight — Third Grade

The Mountain Maple Third Grade, taught by the amazing Eva Manz-Jackson, is wrapping up their block on Long Multiplication this week. They have continued practicing the multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 through clapping and movement games, songs (for example the 4’s table to the melody of Happy Birthday), and various games using cards, dice, and dominoes. With the help of the friendly gnome named Times Multiply, who the class first met in first grade, they have invited various one, two, and three digit factors into her house to find their products.

Parents can ask their students to sing the times table songs for them, practice the times tables together in a playful way, and have their children show them the houses of Times Multiply.

The Class Play will be the focus of their next block. They will perform The Twelve Sons of Jacob by Arthur Auer. All the students will work on memorizing the play, building the set, putting together costumes, and learning the songs. The play will be performed in early March.

During extra lesson time, they will continue to practice long multiplication, form drawing, beeswax and plastilin modeling, nature study through observation, singing, recitation, tongue twisters, reading, spelling, writing, and grammar.

The Mountain Maple Class has a field trip to Flying Pig Farm coming up later this month. They are working with Mr. Barak and his Manitou Middle School students throughout the year on various projects on the farm. They also have a field trip to the American Numismatic Association planned since they are learning about money this year.

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