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Class Spotlight – Ponderosa Fifth Grade

Class Spotlight – Ponderosa Fifth Grade

The Fifth Grade Ponderosa class is taught by Nancy Carson, a storyteller extraordinaire. This year is such an exciting one because the class gets to study about ancient civilizations. They have studied Ancient India, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Egypt, and are now studying about the amazing culture of Ancient Greece.  Parents can ask their student about the stories from any of these fascinating ancient cultures.

The Ponderosa Class has been practicing for the Pentathlon all year and will attend the games with other Waldorf schools in Colorado. The students have learned the skills needed for javelin, discus, long jump, wrestling, and running races.

Their play was held on March 20th at 1:15 and at 6:00 p.m. The play is from the myths of Ancient Greece. It is a way to make the class studies come to life. They were fortunate enough to have some talented Colorado College dance major students come and teach an Ancient Greek dance to the students that was performed as part of the play and was very lovely!

The students have been working with freehand geometry this year. They are also still applying the four math operations (+, -, ×, ÷) to fractions and are  studying decimal problems, area, perimeter, graphs, and volume.

The Ponderosa reading program consists of reading the “Battle of the Books” books, which are picked by a national committee to be the best books for 5th graders. They include books about adventures, civil rights, World War II, overcoming prejudice, fascinating cultures, and just lovely fiction. The students are introduced to many ideas and genres of books. They have read enthusiastically, and they write a summary after finishing each book.

The class will be going to the Pentathlon and to Shady Brook YMCA Camp at the end of April!

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