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Class Spotlight — Fourth Grade

Class Spotlight — Fourth Grade

The Juniper Fourth Grade, being ably team taught this year by Debbie Ellington and Shannon Lang, has just finished their Play Block. The play was “The Young 59ers,” originally written by LeRoy E. Ellinwood and rewritten by Mrs. Ellington and Mrs. Lang, who received a copy of the Ellinwood’s book while on their field trip to The Old Colorado City Historical Society. The play is about the history of Colorado Springs/Old Colorado City and was a rousing success with both parents and their fellow students.

The Juniper students are now returning to their Zoology study, beginning with focus on the local fauna (bison, mountain lion, eagle, etc.). Parents can ask their students about a favorite local animal, to recite the verse “Eagle, Lion and Bull,” by Paul King, or to sing the fun, lively song “A Fox Went Out One Winter’s Night.”

The block after this is the second Fractions Block, focusing on adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions with common denominators. Students will also be introduced to mixed numbers and improper fractions, and the block will conclude by briefly touching on adding and subtracting unlike denominators.

During extra lesson time, the class will be working on modeling, drawing, and painting animals while continuing to work on their math and language arts skills.

The Juniper Class has a field trip to the Manitou Pool planned for March 22nd and has also earned a “Proud Point” celebration. The class hasn’t voted yet on what this will be.

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