Class Spotlight – First Grade

Class Spotlight – First Grade

Welcome to the Class Spotlight!  This is a new feature in the Mountain Song Friday Songbird.  Its purpose is to help parents get better acquainted with our school, class by class, and show off some of our students’ work.

This week we are featuring the two first grade classes, Red Oak with Mrs. Donati and Blue Spruce with Mrs. Arzate.

In a Waldorf First Grade, the emphasis is on introducing writing, phonics, letters, and reading using fairy tales. In Mathematics, the students explore whole numbers and skip counting by twos, threes, and tens.  They also begin to learn about the four math processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

In Mrs. Donati’s class at this time, the students are working on the consonants K, Q, X, Y, Z and V.  You can ask your student about the fairy tales they hear to learn their letters. This helps build their retell, sequencing and comprehension skills.

Next block, the class will be studying addition facts for the numbers one through six and will be incorporating math games, songs and poems to help with remembering addition facts.

In Mrs. Arzate’s class, the students are learning the “singing” letters, commonly known as vowels.  You can ask your student how the vowels differ from the consonants and what their favorite letter story is.  

Next block, the Blue Spruce class will be doing more work with the four math processes.

In addition to the two hour main lesson each day, classes have extra lessons with their Class Teacher and subject classes with the Subject Teachers. During extra lessons, both first grade classes do beeswax sculpting, painting, form drawing, explorations, outdoor play, and visits to the library.  Their subject classes include Spanish, Cooking Arts, Handwork, Games and Agricultural Arts. (These classes will have their own Spotlight later in the year.)

There are a lot of birthday celebrations coming up, and Valentine’s Day will be here soon!

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