Class Spotlight – Cottonwood 8th Grade

Class Spotlight – Cottonwood 8th Grade

The Eighth Grade Cottonwood Class is gearing up for graduation under the insightful guiding hand of Mr. Dan Cordova. They have just jumped back into studying history and will be in a whirlwind of research, getting a taste of everything from the Dawn of Electricity to the Space Race, including both World Wars and the Civil Rights Movement. The class will be learning and sharing about many civil rights and human rights activists such as Mahatma Ghandi, Cesar Chavez, Nelson Mandela, and the Dalai Lama, just to name a few.

Parents can ask their eighth grader if he or she has any new heroes from their studies.  

This block is the last one for the year. Students are currently learning to conduct research and present their findings using multiple technology resources. They are learning how to ask good questions, how to recognize bias and opinion, and how to fact-check the information they find. This is essential to living in an age of unlimited access to information, where the facts get mixed up with manipulation.

In  math practice, the class is currently learning to visualize formulas as lines and use them to understand and measure the relationship between two variables. This is valuable for understanding conversions between two different standards of measurement, or for creating formulae to measure linear relationships.

Along with preparing and planning for graduation, the Cottonwood class is closing out the school year with their class trip. The students and Mr. Cordova have been working with class parents to plan several special survival workshops in class, and will get to extend their learning in the woods by practicing how to filter water, start a fire without a match, and build a wilderness shelter.

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