Class Spotlight – Bristlecone Pine 7th Grade

Class Spotlight – Bristlecone Pine 7th Grade

Our 7th Grade Bristlecone Pine class is taught by the energetic and creative Mr. Rochette. The 2018-19 school year has been such a formative time for the Bristlecone Pine class as two classes have joined to form a unified community.  The students are growing and developing in their maturity, community, and powers of reasoning and debate. Each student’s unique personal light is shining brighter and more clearly each day. They are certainly seeming more and more like eighth graders every time they come to class.

The Bristlecone Pine class has been exploring physics in their current block, which includes studies of light and simple machines. They have experimented with various types of levers, inclined planes, the screw, and the wedge.  They are wrapping up the unit with an exploration into the mechanical advantage provided by various pulley, or “block and tackle,” systems. It has been a fun semester and has held a significant amount of hands-on activities, and perhaps a little bit of mischief for good measure.

Parents can help support the learning by asking their students to identify various simple machines in the world around them and to get them to describe how that simple machine may work and how it provides a mechanical advantage.  Please feel free to allow them to explore simple machines by building Rube Goldberg machines at home if they are so inclined. Please take note that the students have learned to harness tremendous amounts of force (many hundreds to upwards of a thousand pounds and more), and while safety is always the class’s first discussion, parent awareness and supervision should always be on your radar. These kids are ready to move mountains, quite literally, so let’s keep them safe.

In the next block, the Bristlecone Pine class will be moving into their unit on human physiology. They will be examining the workings of the human eye, the teeth, tongue and digestive system, the circulatory and respiratory systems, and then human reproduction systems. Expect to see ATTENDED flour sack babies around the school, and please let Mr. Rochette know immediately if one is found unattended!  A parent evening on the human reproduction unit is upcoming.

Please help our maturing 7th graders by catching them in the act of doing good whenever you can. They are amazing people who benefit from the love and respect of the wonderful Mountain Song community.

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