Class Spotlight — Aspen Fifth Grade

Class Spotlight — Aspen Fifth Grade

The Aspen Fifth Grade, taught since first grade by the talented and lovely Mrs. McCabe, has just finished their Play Block and their second geography block in which they are focused on the United States.  The students are working on memorizing the location, spelling, and abbreviations for all fifty states. This week they began their second Greek block with the story of Perseus.

Parents can ask their Aspen student to sing the Fifty States song or tell the story of Perseus.  It is especially important for parents to help their child with the states project.

The class will continue studying the Greek myths and also, in the next two weeks, they will be getting their scripts and parts for their class play.

Daily math lessons are going well in the Aspen class.  Students have been learning about transitive and intransitive verbs in their grammar lessons. And, of course, the class has been training hard for the Pentathlon.

The Aspen class will have a field trip to the Olympic training center on Thursday, March 21 and a Pajamas and Reading day on Friday, March 22.

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