Carnival at Mountain Song

Carnival at Mountain Song

It was a joyous group of Mountain Song middle school students who marched in the Manitou Springs Carnivale Parade under the leadership of World Languages teacher Doña Anita Schlichting.  Please see photos below. In the classroom, she also treated them to traditional pancake meals, and introduced the seventh grade to a very special tradition. She describes it in her own words:

I had just finished setting up things to make pancakes for the 7th grade class when Mr. Rochette came back into the classroom.  As we’d agreed, Jesse and I demonstrated how to give and accept a compliment (shake hands, look each other in the eye, say thank you).  Then I took a pair of scissors and cut his tie off!


An audible gasp went up from the students.

“Wait – did you just cut his tie off?” and “What did she do?” were among the comments heard.

At that time I told them about one last Karneval custom – the cutting of the tie (with an added Mountain Song twist).  In Cologne, during Karneval, there is a day when women go around cutting ties off of men. At Mountain Song, we tweaked it so you had to give a compliment (and have it accepted) then you could cut off you classmates tie (all the 7th had ties for their costumes).

So fun – Anita

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