Board Voice – A Message From The Futures Development Committee

Volume 1, Issue 3 — Scott Diebert

Hello Mountain Song Community,                    

Our Mountain Song Community School (MSCS) was founded in 2013 to accommodate the growing need for an alternative public education option for the children of our local community. As a public Waldorf-inspired school, MSCS has become widely popular, with each year showing an increase in familiarity and demand amongst our growing community. 

The blessing of our success does, however, produce some logistical challenges, including the need to care for and serve an increasing number of students and families each year. Although it is wonderful to have the numbers of our MSCS families and community grow each year, unfortunately, the old Whittier Elementary School building that houses our school will not provide the needed space for our projected growth. The past few years have shown an increase in these growing pains and logistical challenges. The time has come to find a new home for our growing community.

The MSCS Futures Development Committee was originally formed by the MSCS Board of Directors to address the long term goals and needs of our school. Although this encompasses many tasks, including the development, updating, and tracking of our school’s long term strategic plan, this committee is also responsible for facilitating the search for, and acquisition of, new facilities to house our growing school.

We are currently looking for larger facilities within the School District 11 boundaries. The MSCS Board of Directors, working in conjunction with the MSCS Executive Leadership Team (ELT), faculty representatives, and community volunteers, is committed to finding a new facility that will allow our school to effectively offer the programs and amenities of the Waldorf educational model. Some of these requirements include, but are not limited to, adequate outdoor spaces, increasing our indoor classrooms to accommodate 3 Kindergartens and double-tracked grades 1-8, additional classrooms for special subjects, and dedicated music and performance arts areas.

We have developed a Target School Profile that details the various types of rooms and areas needed to accommodate our Target School Model, and are in the process of working with a realtor to locate properties available that could potentially house our growing school while meeting our current and future needs.

We are also actively looking into raising the funds needed to acquire, prepare, and move into the new facilities, once found.

We have a target (no later than) move date of summer 2021, but are also keeping the option of a summer 2020 move open if facility availability and funding work out more favorably than anticipated.

As always, we welcome your involvement. The MSCS Futures Development Committee meetings are currently scheduled for 3:30pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at Mountain Song Community School. The MSCS Board of Directors meetings are scheduled for 6:00pm, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, at Mountain Song Community School. All meetings are open to the public, with time on every agenda reserved for public comment. Please feel free to join us as we continue to work towards the continuing positive growth of our Mountain Song Community School.

Thank You.

Scott Deibert

Co-Chair of Futures Development Committee

Member of MSCS Board of Directors

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