5th Grade Pentathlon Opening Ceremonies

5th Grade Pentathlon Opening Ceremonies

Preparations for this year’s Pentathlon Tournament have commenced.  The two Mountain Song 5th grade classes have held their Pentathlon Opening Ceremonies in recent days, led by Games and Movement teacher, Mrs. Laura Hassell.  The ceremonies were held at Westmoor Park on 31st Street and Westmoor Road.  This is where the 5th grade classes are regularly preparing during their Games and Movement classes for the 2018-2019 Pentathlon Tournament with teacher, Mrs. Hassell.

The Pentathlon Tournament, held annually each spring, brings together regional Waldorf Charter School 5th grade classes for a spirited and heart-warming competition.

In the Waldorf curriculum, the Pentathlon is the student’s first introduction to competitive games. The training and competition is designed to enhance and bring to life the study of Ancient Greece, which the students are immersed in during their fifth grade year. Events are designed to combine and develop the elements of physical strength, stamina, coordination, balance, and aiming skills, which are all essential for the healthy physical development of children.

During the Games and Movement class preparations, the children are working on the five Greek events of running, jumping, wrestling, javelin throwing, and discus throwing. These movements emphasize harmony and balance in the body, reinforced through the harmonious Greek imaginations. The students observe and imitate these archetypal movements, striving for beauty, truth, and strength.

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