2019-2020 School Year Begins

Tuesday, September 3rd, marked the start of the 2019-20 academic year at Mountain Song Community School.  The two first grade classes were welcomed by their teachers and the grade 2-8 students in the Rose Ceremony in the gym.  The Kindergarten classes started school on Wednesday, September 4th, and the Home School Program has had first days of school all week.  Teachers and students throughout the school have gotten straight to the joyous engagement of learning this week!  

During the welcoming Rose Ceremony on Tuesday morning, new teachers were introduced, new students were recognized, and the four major student expectations were reviewed:  Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.  

The two new first grade teachers, Miss Feldman and Ms. Siebert, called their new first graders by name, one by one.  Eighth grade students met them near their parents, presented them with a rose, and then accompanied each youngster to the front of the hall to greet their teachers.  Some first graders were shy and nervous while others galloped ahead of their eighth grade partner. Sweetly, they all eventually took their seats.  

The first grade teachers started a story that captured the students’ attention, until  half-way through the story, they stopped, asking the first graders if they would like to follow them into their classrooms to hear the end of the story.  The cheer heard from the first graders and the excitement as they made their way to the door spoke volumes for their joy of entering their new classes. The students in other grades were dismissed to their own classrooms where they learned what this year is going to be about, and who their new classmates are.  

Kindergartners arrived for their first day on Wednesday, meeting their teachers and assistants who welcomed them into their classrooms.  Amid the excitement and joy, a few tears might have been shed, and some of them might have been by the parents. What a milestone to send the children to kindergarten!

Rounding out the full house at Mountain Song were our Homeschool Enrichment students.  How delightful to see them, new and returning, greeting their teachers, a new group each day.

It is a joy to have the classrooms and halls filled with students again, and to have the 2019-20 school year at Mountain Song Community School officially underway! 

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