2018-19 School Commences

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Thursday, August 23, marked the start of the 2018-19 academic year at Mountain Song Community School, and it was celebrated by the beautiful Rose Ceremony in the gym.  First grade children sat with their parents at the back of the room, while children in the older grades sat with their class teachers.  

Mrs. Hassell, last year’s interim administrator, greeted the assembly and led the school song, “Hear Our Song,” which rang joyously through the hall.  She then introduced the new school principal, Dr. Woods, welcoming her with a red rose.  Teachers were introduced, and all new students in the school were asked to stand.  As they did, enthusiastic applause erupted from the returning students to welcome their new classmates.  It was incredibly moving!


Dr. Woods turned the floor over to the first grade teachers, Ms. Arzate and Ms. Gordillo, who called their new first graders by name, one by one.  Eighth grade students met them near their parents and then accompanied each youngster to the front of the hall to greet their teachers.  Ms. Arzate and Ms. Gordillo welcomed their new students with a rose, as Liana Stein (8th grade), provided lovely accompaniment on violin.  Some first graders were shy, while some galloped ahead of their eighth grade partner.  Sweetly, they all eventually took their seats.  


The first grade teachers started a story that held the assembly spell-bound.  Half-way through the story, however, they stopped, telling the first graders they would finish it in the classroom.  The groan heard from the older children revealed their good-natured disappointment, but the first graders, eager to hear the rest of the story, happily followed their teachers to their new classrooms, while the older students were dismissed to their own rooms.  


The 2018-19 school year at Mountain Song Community School had joyously commenced!


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