Mountain Song Homeschool Enrichment Programs

Our homeschool programs offer enrichment opportunities in which students participate in part time school activities while the parent or caregiver serves as the primary academic teacher. The parent or caregiver is responsible for curriculum, academic instruction, assessment, documenting progress, and providing services to their children (including those with exceptional needs).  Mountain Song Community School complements your child’s education at home with a Waldorf-inspired enrichment program involving the head, heart, and hands. 

Mountain Song’s Homeschool Programs provide the equivalent of one day per week of Waldorf-inspired enrichment activities through a multidisciplinary curriculum rich in social studies, science, the arts, and movement.  Our enrichment programs provide support, connection to a Mountain Song teacher, and social connections for students and families. The Homeschool Enrichment Programs are part-time programs recognized by the State of Colorado.

Village Homeschool Enrichment, Grades 1-8

This is our traditional program available for grades 1-8 only (no Kindergarten) in which children attend class at Mountain Song one day per week.

SY 22-23 Village Homeschool Calendar

Frontier (online) Homeschool Enrichment, Grades K-8 (New!)

This is our new program available to Kindergarten as well as grades 1-8, and involves complete remote learning using a combination of online and project-based learning at home all year.

The primary differences between the two programs are: the FRONTIER (online) Homeschool Enrichment Program is available to Kindergarten as well as grades 1-8, and involves complete remote learning using a combination of online and project based learning at home all year; while the VILLAGE Homeschool Enrichment Program is our traditional program available for grades 1-8 only (no K) in which children attend class at Mountain Song one day per week.  

SY 22-23 Frontier Homeschool Calendar

I felt like it was a well crafted Waldorf experience for remote work. The blocks were engaging and met each of my children in deeply personal ways. Sometimes I heard my kids saying the opening verse to themselves in moments when they were really feeling it. For example, we were skiing once and I could hear [my daughter] reciting the opening verse as she was trying a difficult run that felt challenging for her.
Alison K.
Frontier Parent 2021-2022


Waldorf education is a method that recognizes the specific developmental stages of children. Each subject is presented through numerous learning modalities and incorporates art, movement, and whole body health.  It was developed following WWI by Austrian social reformist Rudolf Steiner who envisioned an education that would create a peaceful and just society. His first school was opened in 1919, and the first Waldorf School in the U.S. opened in 1928 in NYC. The impulse behind Waldorf education is cultural renewal. In the past 20 years Waldorf has become the largest educational movement in the world, and Waldorf methods have been adopted by nearly 100 public charter and magnet schools throughout the U.S. A large body of evidence from the last 20 years of neuroscientific inquiry supports some of the most fundamental principles of Waldorf methods. The timing and organization of brain development are prime considerations in establishing the optimal sequence for learning, as is the knowledge that the brain operates optimally when all parts are equally developed, valued, and engaged. The Waldorf methods holistic approach is designed to stimulate optimal brain functioning and follow a developmentally appropriate sequence to educate the child’s whole being integrating thinking, feeling, and doing. The foundation of Waldorf education lies in providing the right experience at the right time.



The World is good illustrated through fairytales from around the world.


Responsibility highlighted through fables and heroic people and the contrast between the two.


The realization of selfhood and creating home, and myths and legends of the ancient Hebrew people.


The foundation for independence, Norse mythology and the ability to choose.


Self-determination and ancient human history: India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece.


Cause and effect and the rise and fall of Rome and the Middle Ages.

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