The Parent-Child Classes at Mountain Song Community School gives something different to the Colorado Springs community. Besides bringing reverence for what it means to be a small child in our world, we extend that to what it takes to be a parent who preserves the world of the small child.

In our Parent-Child Classes, parent and child alike find a nurturing setting for fostering the continual growth of the parent-child relationship to one of the parent becoming the child’s first teacher. We explore connectivity through free play, circle time, music, rhymes, puppetry, baking, interaction with live animals in a community garden setting, and sharing our snacks together.

Enjoy as community grows from weekly conversations centering on topics such as creating rhythm at home, parenting through simplicity, and childhood development. Inside this class, parents deepen their understanding of early childhood and experience the Waldorf approach to educating the whole child.

Parent-Child Class Brochure Winter/Spring

Parent-Child Registration

Contact Linda Johnson at 719.650.7092 or to enroll.

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