Grade Six

The middle school student is experiencing physical changes in their bodies that they often sense as disorganization. This is a meaningful time for the students to study the physics of that which they can experience clearly through phenomena: acoustics, optics, magnetism, heat, and electricity. They also study the physical body of the earth in geology and the surrounding expanse through astronomy. Cause and effect thinking is very strong in the sixth grade student; it is here that the rise and fall of Rome is studied. The law and order has a strong appeal as does the consequences of excess. As this is the beginning of the teen years it is of value to highlight the ramifications of a society that went too far. Continuing through with a theme of law and order from Rome, mathematical laws are studied deeply and there is an introduction of economics and business math. Multiple learning modalities are engaged giving all different kinds of learners routes to successful comprehension and daily the children have the opportunity to work both independently and in groups.

Artwork by Jennifer Glennen, The Blue Oak School

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