Grade Four

The courage needed for growing into an independent and free human being is illustrated deeply in grade four through Norse mythology. The language arts curriculum deepens, as does the developing consciousness of the child about the risks and gifts of impending independence. In grade 4 the world, which beginning in first grade was whole and good, is now separating and being seen as parts. This breaking apart leads to a deepening of fractions and the child seeing a whole new world between each whole number. A look at animals and their specificity in contrast to human capacities is part of the sciences studied in grade four and the children also go deeply in to local geography beginning with map making of their immediate surroundings and moving outwards. Multiple learning modalities are engaged giving all different kinds of learners routes to successful comprehension and daily the children have the opportunity to work both independently and in groups.

Artwork by David Sussman, Tuscon Waldorf School

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