Grade Two

Duality is explored in grade two. Through the use of animal fables, such as the fox who tries and tries but gives up on the grapes, in juxtaposition with stories of exemplary people who tried and never gave up, such as Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and others, a picture begins to develop of the higher and lower self and the concept of responsibility. This is a picture that is coming into the social life of the child and practiced daily in their peer relationships. These stories live and grow in the child and hold their interest as they delve deeper into language arts and writing. In written work and creative movement students will advance in the four mathematical processes by mastering the times tables and working on advanced addition and subtraction processes such as place value and transferring. Multiple learning modalities are engaged giving all different kinds of learners routes to successful comprehension and daily the children have the opportunity to work both independently and in groups.

Artwork by Christa Valdez, Mountain Song Community School

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