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* A Note on Supply Fees

Unlike many schools, Mountain Song Community School provides the bulk of school supplies needed by the children.  Each child is provided with main lesson books, beeswax crayons (in the lower grades), high quality drawing pencils (in the upper grades), beeswax for modeling, watercolor paints from Germany, special watercolor painting paper, natural fiber handwork materials, and all of the materials needed for cooking and agricultural arts.  Mountain Song Community School is committed to developing the children’s aesthetic sense, and the use of beautiful, high quality materials is part of this education.  Because these materials are expensive, we ask parents to contribute to their child’s education by charging a materials fee of $150 to help defray the cost of these supplies that will enable the children to explore their creativity and imagination.

Instrument Rental Fees: Mountain Song Community School students use exquisite flutes during their journey through the grades.  The Choroi pentatonic flutes that are used in the lower grades are made of maple and come from Germany.  The Mollenhauer soprano recorders that the children use beginning in the third grade are also of German origin and are made of pear wood.  In the middle school, students will also learn to play the alto and tenor recorders.  Providing students with the use of these instruments represents a significant investment on the part of the school.  So that we can continue to offer these high-quality instruments to our students, we ask that parents pay an annual rental fee of $20 (taken from the $100 supply fee) for the use of the flutes.

**As per Colorado Statute, supply fees are waived for those families who qualify for free and reduced lunch.

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