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$45K by the 5th of May!
Strategic planning with the Community has happened, and sure enough, parents’ number one priority is to get all of our teachers Waldorf Certified.  We hear you,  but it will take the Community to make it happen!  Because it’s $45,000/year to certify our entire staff through a great, two-year Waldorf certification program,  the teachers, administrative team, and Board are excited about and agree upon.
Let’s take it one year at a time:  $45K by the 5th of May!  We need YOU to make it happen.  ALL of us need to contribute to bring about what we say we want in quality Waldorf education for our children.
Just $220/family will get us there!  If you can’t do it in one go, choose the option to make monthly payments, and spread it out as much as you need to make it work.  We ALL need to contribute to bring forth our vision to become the awesome public Waldorf school we say we want for our community.  Thank you for your support in manifesting our vision!


Your donation helps ensure that our students get the best experience possible.
Just shop any way you normally would on Amazon but designated us as your charity of choice. Click below to get started and for more details.

Mountain Song Community School 
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