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Our Mountain Song Team

Cori and Erin will be on email during school hours and will respond within 24-48 hours. During office hours Cori and Erin will be available to respond to emails immediately and are happy to call/zoom as needed. Zoom meetings and calls can be set-up outside of the above hours as needed.

Community & Crisis Resources

If your situation is an emergency and needs immediate assistance please call 911 — please let them know the issue is related to mental health.

  • Colorado Crisis Services:   Call 844-493-8255 or Text “TALK” to 38255 or visit
  • AspenPointe Walk-in Crisis Services (24/7)   –  115 South Parkside Dr. (719-572-6100)
  • Non-crisis Community Mental Health Resources here.
  • Unemployment Resources – Colorado Department of Labor & Employment 303-318-9000
  • Food & Community Resources available here
  • Food Box Delivery Program here.
  • Other local resources call Pike Peak United Way at 2-1-1. 
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: Food Pickup Fridays from 5-7pm at the union hall.  The address is 2150 Naegele Rd.  Feel free to pass the word! (Contact: Brian Bradley @ 719-633-3872)

Coping Strategies During Covid-19

Navigating the new normal.

During this unusual and challenging time, we are grappling with a “new normal” which requires patience, compassion and much support.  Uncertainty can cause stress and anxiety, fueling worry and uneasiness.  We may feel out-of-sorts, tired and overwhelmed; these reactions are quite normal during this unprecedented event.  

We encourage you to show yourself and those around you as much grace and forgiveness as possible, as everyone deals with change and hardship differently.  Children often and unknowingly pick up on and react to the feelings of those around them.  They may respond in a variety of ways, including seeking more attention, exhibiting hyper-activity or increased energy, displaying decreased patience or heightened anger, demonstrating regressive behaviors, or possibly withdrawing.  Children will benefit from your calm demeanor and increased connection with you, as well as having as much routine and rhythm to their day as possible.  

Self-care and the practice of coping skills can help ease the burden.  Coping strategies you can implement, either alone or with your family, include: 

  • Deep Breathing – breathe in through your nose for a count of 3 and out through your mouth for a count of 5.  Repeat for 5-10 breaths
  • Meditation – start with a few minutes of quiet focus on your breath; feel the air enter and exit your nose or mouth.  Refocus on your breath when your mind wanders.  The goal is to remain in the moment and to focus on the present.
  • Yoga – 5-10 minutes of several basic poses can help you to relax your body and mind.
  • Journal – writing your feelings and experiences can be a healthy outlet to process your emotions.
  • Art/Painting – Creative endeavors can help you and your family calm down and refocus.
  • Connect with a friend or loved one on the phone – human connection can be very healing.
  • Go Outside – Getting outside for movement and fresh air helps release helpful, “feel-good” brain chemicals which boost mood.
  • Gratitude – Acknowledging what you’re grateful for provides perspective.

Mountain Song Community Message

During these challenging times, we understand that complicated feelings are common. Erin and Cori are available to support our Mountain Song students and families via email, telephone, office hours, and video meetings.  We welcome your communication and believe that we will best get through this challenging time by coming together as a community.

Parent-Child Activities

Caregiver – child interview:  Spend 10-15 minutes with your child connecting and having a fun and positive interaction.

Questions to ask each other:

  • One favorite thing about me?
  • A fun or silly memory with me?
  • Something you are happy about?
  • Something you miss right now?
  • A super hero power you’d like to have?
  • Draw a picture of your superhero together.

Archives & Past Topics

  • Week 1 – Navigating the new normal


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