Scott Diebert

We were fortunate enough to be able to join the Mountain Song Community School family 3 years ago, and it has proven to be a perfect fit for our family. Our oldest son has bloomed in the school’s unique sense of community, and we look forward to when our daughter & younger son will be old enough to attend. I feel honored to be on the Board of Directors, and be able to help contribute to the success of the school & community that have so significantly enriched our lives.

I have been lucky enough to wear a variety of hats throughout the various chapters of my life. I have spent many years working as a sound engineer, in both live & studio environments, and have had the privilege of working with many unique musicians & artists of various sorts. I feel that keeping one’s eyes & mind open to multiple ideas & viewpoints can tend to prove itself beneficial. The power of intention is an amazing thing, and when paired with hard work & perseverance, the world becomes a plethora of possibilities.

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