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Mountain Song Board Members

Pedro G. Almeida


I was born in Massachusetts to immigrants from Cabo Verde, a former Portuguese colony.  After receiving my bachelor’s degree from MIT, I was commissioned in the Army and served for 27 years in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the US before retiring in 2015.  My education and experience include a masters degree in international affairs, designing and teaching an undergraduate course at Georgetown University, running a large military staff, operational deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and serving as an Africa Foreign Area Officer.  After the Army, I volunteered in Mountain Song classes, did part time work as a middle and high school substitute teacher, and served as an adjunct professor at Pikes Peak Community College where I taught American Government.  I am currently employed at School District 49 as the Chief Operations Officer.  

My wife and I have 3 great kids: one daughter in college and a son and daughter currently in Mountain Song Community School.  I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to be more involved in my children’s education now that I have completed my Army career.

I enjoy spending time with my family, riding my Thunderbird motorcycle, exercise, reading, Colorado hikes, and catching up with friends and extended family throughout the USA.

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Bill Burkett


With my move to Colorado Springs in 2007, I have now lived in all four continental US time zones. I grew up in Ohio, earning a B.S. in Systems Engineering at Ohio State (I am a Buckeye!). After graduation, I worked for an aerospace company in St. Louis, then moved to Los Angeles, where I lived for 19 years before coming to Colorado Springs. We landed here because my wife and I were adopting a child and wanted to be a one-income family for a while – and you can’t be a one income family in LA and live comfortably.

Our daughter, Anna, is in the 6th grade at Mountain Song. And I follow in the footsteps of my wife, Rita Issagholian, with my Board service. She was a founding member of Mountain Song and served on the Board for several years. So I’m now able to bring the voice of “the community” back to the Board.

Amy Roach

I was raised in a military family and have lived all over, spending most of my childhood in Europe.  My husband and I met in college, and soon after he joined the Air Force.  We have raised 2 amazing children…our 22 year old is attending UCCS to earn her teaching degree in mathematics, and our 19 year old is enlisting into the Air Force to follow in his father’s foot steps.  We moved to Colorado Springs in July 2016 and plan on retiring here after 23 years of military service.   I have experience in finance, and have been preparing tax returns for the past 7 years.  I am attending school to earn my degree in accounting, and am excited to be a board member at MSCS where I hope to contribute to the continued success of the school through my financial knowledge and experiences.
I enjoy hiking with my husband and dog, traveling, reading, and puzzles.  I am especially excited to be retiring in Colorado…I fell in love with it here immediately and knew I had found my home!  I’m new to Waldorf education, only learning about it recently, but from what I have learned so far, I can say that I am very excited to become a part of the Mountain Song community.

Scott Diebert

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Christina Halligan

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Nicole Nicoletta

I am a proud native of Colorado Springs, spending most of my childhood on the United States Air Force Academy. Straight out of high school I traveled the west coast where I learned about farming, sustainability, and the importance of community. Shortly after my traveling journey I settled down and earned a Master’s Degree in Sociology from UCCS. I teach college level Sociology with an emphasis on the food shed and community engagement.  For the last four years I dedicated much of my life (outside of motherhood) to the City of Manitou Springs where I sat as a council member, 2 of those years as the Mayor. It is an honor to sit on the Board of Directors for Mountain Song Community School, frankly it is the least I can do to give back to a community that has given my family so much.

Thank you!

And a very special thanks to:

Neah Bay Douglas – for the tireless effort, countless hours, co-creation, and implementation in the vision, the creation, and the launch of our school.

Stephanie Fernyak – for serving on our Founding Board and all of her hard work and long hours as Chair of the Facilities Committee.

Gary Feffer – of Fountain Colony Realty, for the many hours he gave to ensure we opened August 2013 in a building that is a good fit.

Elise Bowan and Linda Johnson – for serving on our Founding Board and all of their hard work and long hours as Co-Chairs of the Outreach Committee.

Raj Solanki – for the safeguarding of our vision, founding effort, and many hours in support and governance of our school.

Rita Issagholian – for her service as our first Board President, returning for a second Board term, helping to secure the school’s first charter renewal, and her countless hours of hard work and dedication to the creation and continued success of Mountain Song.

Laurie Ristig– for her service as a Founding Board member and Governing Board member and her tireless work helping start the school and seeing to its success in its first two years of operation.

Martin Schneider – for carefully and courageously protecting the vision of the school as a Board member and essential leader guiding us through important transitions.

Eva Manz-Jackson – for dedicated service as a founding family and founding Board member, bringing encouragement and balance to many situations, projects and committees.

Melanie Chadwick – for faithfully safeguarding the school in a time of struggle to find its feet and plant them on firm ground.

Greg Augspurger – for leading the school to safe and firm financial standing as Board Treasurer.

Mike Galvin – for returning to serve the school as a Board member for a year of tremendous growth after having stepping in as Interim Director during its first year.

Aubrey Fennewald – for offering steady footing, a sense of formality and process, and courageous leadership as Board President.

Shannon Root – for bringing a clear focus on strategic planning and process as Vice President, Secretary and President, which raised the Board’s ability to accomplish critical tasks.

Jennifer Barnes – for bringing seasoned and dedicated leadership, and never-ending time contributions as Board member, President and Treasurer:  whenever and wherever needed.

Michael Katzenberg- for his common sense contributions and thoughtful inputs to complex Board items as Board member and Secretary.

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