Executive Committee

Chair: Brooke Sassi, Board President: Contact: bsassi@mountainsongschool.org

Members: Dr. Teresa Woods, Executive Director; Ashley Pfalz, Co-Vice President

General Purpose: The Executive Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the Board to develop, implement, and execute a year-round process to strengthen the Board’s support, evaluation, and partnership with the organization’s Executive Director, inform and create the Board meeting agenda, and meet with the Executive Director on various topics throughout the year.

Appointments and Composition of Committee:

  1. Appointments of the Chair and members of the Executive Committee shall be made annually by the President of the Board with the advice and consent of the Board in accordance with the Bylaws.
  2. The Chair of this committee shall be the Board President.
  3. Additional committee members may be appointed by the Board President or by the appointed Committee Chair, and need not be members of the Board.
  4. The committee will be comprised of the Executive Director and two executive officers of the Board.


  1. Meet at least once a month prior to Board meetings.
  2. Discuss and select topics for Board meeting agendas.
  3. Prepare and distribute the Board Meeting agenda in a timely manner, allowing Board Members to review all materials prior to Meeting time and in accordance with Open Meetings Law.
  4. Develop an annual timeline to support and evaluate the Executive Director, and have this timeline approved by the full Board.
  5. Annually review and revise as necessary the Executive Director’s job description.
  6. In partnership with the Executive Director, establish a clear and consistent way for the Executive Director to report to the full Board regularly on progress towards the Board-approved annual goals.
  7. Annually create a survey instrument and process to conduct two structured evaluations between the full Board and the Executive Director. It is anticipated that these will occur in November and March and will involve the Executive Director completing a self-evaluation and surveying the full Board.
  8. Annually implement a comprehensive Executive Director evaluation that includes an Executive Director self-evaluation, input from the full Board, and anonymous input from the Executive Director’s direct reports and staff members.
  9. Annually prepare or revise the Executive Director’s offer letters as necessary.
  10. Annually recommend Executive Director compensation adjustments to the full Board, as appropriate.
  11. Create specific, measurable, Board-level goals for the year as part of the full Board planning process.
  12. Report to the Board of Directors at regular meetings in a manner determined by the Board.
  13. Annually evaluate its work as a committee and the objectives it has committed itself to, and report on the same to the Board.

Executive Committee Documents

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