Charter ContractRenewal Committee

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Chair: Teresa Woods

Members: Bill Burkett

General Purpose: The Charter Renewal Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the Board.  The committee is responsible for planning, oversight, execution and overall management of activities and material content that comprise school charter development and renewal. 

Appointments and Composition of Committee:

  1. Members of the committee may be members of the Board, ELT, staff or parent community.
  2. At least one member of the Board shall be full member of the committee.
  3. At least one member of the ELT shall be a full member of the committee and all members of the ELT are ex officio members of the committee.
  4. The Chair of the committee shall be recognized and approved by the Board. The Chair need not be a member of the Board or the ELT.
  5. The Board shall activate and deactivate this committee as needed by Board action.


Pursuant to the terms of the authorizer contract, the MSCS Board will activate its charter renewal committee prior to the charter renewal date.  This committee is responsible for assuring that all material and data collection systems are in place to provide a comprehensive picture of the School’s performance and state of the School.  In concert with the renewal cycle this committee will perform a comprehensive status analysis in all vital areas of school performance including stakeholder satisfaction, student achievement, teacher and administrative quality and efficiency, and fiscal health and sustainability.  The results of this analysis will assist the School in developing a strategic plan for the next five years of operations.

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